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États-Unis | français


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Article: The Voice of Florasis


The Voice of Florasis

For the first time ever, we're unveiling to you a peek behind the scenes of Florasis' ever-blossoming legacy of beauty culture, where the wisdom of ancient C-beauty and traditional artistry dance with modern cosmetics, laying the ground for our beauty creations to take form and ascend into industry phenomena.

Read on to meet our cosmetic scientist and artists below for their insiders' takes on the process of crafting Florasis' one-of-a-kind inventions. Delve into the minds of these beauty and arts extraordinaire, and uncover insights, possibilities, and inspirations along the way to fuel your own quest of creativity and beauty. 

The voice of Huiliang Li - The Chief Laboratory Technologist for Florasis

“China has a rich history of using flowers in cosmetics for thousands of years. Both Florasis and I are dedicated to the ancient wisdom of traditional formulas, their application to modern cosmetics, and the use of floral extracts and its natural properties to nourish and enhance the skin," said Huiliang Li.

The solution to this challenge hinges on scientific research. It's a journey not just for Florasis but for the broader C-beauty culture, which still has much to explore. The key challenge in enhancing flower-based nourishment lies in harnessing technology to augment the process. Given our extensive cultural history, it's essential to approach research methodically and cautiously. We must gradually evolve our research framework within Eastern beauty principles, which underpin our research and development. Merging technology with our time-honored skincare knowledge will enable us to maximize the benefits of our skincare ingredients.

Our Flawless Jade Breathable Setting Powder features the innovative Active Jade Formula, which merges the nourishing properties of jade with cutting-edge technology. This formulation is designed to control oil and enhance skin breathability, ensuring safety for individuals with oily and sensitive skin types. 

Our goal is to create and offer products to our customers that not only excel in quality but also hold enduring value. As long as we continue to move in the right direction, no matter the pace, we are confident that we will ultimately reach our goals.

The voice of Xujia Zhang - brand model of Florasis

Serving as Florasis' brand model is a role that comes with its complexities. Embracing Eastern makeup isn't merely a beauty routine—it's an immersion into the depths of traditional heritage. It demands meticulous preparation to authentically convey its profound allure.

"My journey alongside Florasis spans seven years—a path of discovery in the art of C-Beauty. During this time, I've observed the brand's unwavering commitment, its evolution, and its mastery of the artistry unique to traditional makeup routines that holds so much beauty wisdon. Florasis has redefined my perception of beauty through their innovative techniques, vibrant palette, intentional design, and the essence they infuse into each creation," said Xujia Zhang.

She continues to note that: "Take, for instance, the 24 Solar Terms Makeup—this isn't just an array of hues. It represents a deeper dive into cultural significance and the rhythm of the seasons. Makeup has the power to narrate a myriad of tales, and I am hopeful that through my portrayal, we can extend the reach of C-Beauty's magnificence even further."

The voice of Gawa - An Exemplar of Leather Carving Craftsmanship

Meet Gawa, a devoted leather carving artisan upholding an intangible cultural heritage. For nearly four decades, he honed this ancestral craft, initially sparked by childhood memories with his grandfather, an adept leatherworker. Gawa's journey with leather began amidst his grandfather's creations, where an encounter with an heirloom saddle led him to embrace his familial legacy.

Embodying the essence of Inner Mongolia's rich cultural tapestry, Florasis' Nomadic Glam collection elegantly weaves traditional patterns into its design narrative through sophisticated leather-carved embellishments.Marking a milestone, Gawa's craftsmanship graced the Louvre in 2015, introducing Mongolian leather artistry to the prestigious venue for the first time. Encounters with his work prompted inquiries into the art's Mongolian roots, a testament to its global resonance.

Gawa envisions a future where the youth inherit the torch of leather carving, advocating for its integration into educational curricula. By nurturing early appreciation, he believes this heritage can transcend boundaries and time.

For Gawa, this art is not merely a national treasure; it's a global legacy deserving of recognition and safeguarding, ensuring its continuity for generations to come.

Galloping into the future

Here we are, turning dreams into real stories, hand in hand with a rich past and a spirit full of creativity. 

We’re excited about the challenges and discoveries ahead, and we'd love for you to come along for the ride. So why not join the adventure? Keep up with our latest steps, get sneak peeks, and maybe even throw in your own ideas.

For the latest updates on our journey, sign up to be our club member and be the first to know.

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You create beautiful products especially the eyeshadow palette and lipsticks and the time and dedication and craftsmanship ,the history behind each product is amazing and inspiring,wishing you lots of happiness and joy

Kierra Scott

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