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États-Unis | français


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Article: The New Eastern Beasts Sculpting Makeup Palette 2.0: Our Tried-And-True Palette in New, Bolder Shades

Eastern Beasts Sculpting Makeup Palette
Behind the Product

The New Eastern Beasts Sculpting Makeup Palette 2.0: Our Tried-And-True Palette in New, Bolder Shades

We're thrilled to announce the latest addition to our beauty arsenal, the Eastern Beasts Sculpting Makeup Palette 2.0, an extension of our award-winning Eastern Beasts palette. In this new edition, you'll get more drama and radiance with bolder shades, designed for a complete, harmonized look of glam that's impossible to mess up.

Read on for a close-up revelation of the palette's features, the birth story of this stunning palette and its enigmatic design, and the best tips for an effortless sculpted look with the Eastern Beasts Palette 2.0.

Miracles of Eastern Beasts Palette 2.0

Crafted upon our best-selling formula of the original Eastern Beasts Palette, the 2nd edition comes with the best genes of the previous successor and color adaptations for you to waltz between soft, natural looks and daring, dramatic ones with ease. It offers: 

A universally complementing array of multipurpose shades

The palette is a 4-in-1 compact of contour, highlight, blush, and eyeshadow colors, which you can switch and swap freely for different applications to satiate your boundless creativity, without risking irritation or compromised pigment performance.

Cutting out the frustration of finding the right shades, the palette allows you to engage in makeup playtime straight away, with colors that complement all skin tones on the spectrum from deep to fair.

A mistake-proof laydown with long-lasting performance

With a buildable formula, the pigment presents sheer layers for artists to easily blend out errors or customize intensity. Once set, the pigment flaunts a resilient, long-wearing finish that is airy and weightless. 

An effortless payoff brought by the luxurious, silky powder

Our signature ultra-refined texture is not to be missed on this palette. The smooth powder serves easy pickup and seamless blendability, offering a fallout-free, gorgeous, diffused finish regardless of your mastery.

An all-day radiance empowered by a skin-enhancing botanical blend

The combination of Marigold Extract, Sunflower Seed Oil, Peony Seed Oil, and Irish Moss is infused into this sublime pigment of Eastern Beasts Sculpting Makeup Palette 2.0. This remedy, drawn from the traditional Chinese beauty wisdom, boasts remarkable anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and moisture-retaining properties. With each use of the palette, witness your skin become healthier and brighter.

Shades Description

While the 1st Eastern Beasts Palette excels at muted, soft glam, its 2nd edition - with rich, deep shades tinted with a pinkish hue - shines at drawing hyper-feminine, romantic, and impactful looks. 

The palette includes: 

Azure Dragon shade - Pink Silver Glitter.

Vermillion Bird shade - Matte Dusty Pink.

White Tiger shade - Pristine Pearl Shimmer.

Black Tortoise shade - Deep Taupe Satin.

From Inspiration to Creation

The Birth Story

In Chinese mythology, there are four holy beasts called the Azure Dragon, the Vermillion Bird, the White Tiger, and the Black Tortoise. Respectively, they guard the peace of the East, South, West, and North divisions of the sky. For their distinctive prowess and aura, they are also regarded as symbols of the four natural elements - wood, fire, metal, and water.

In China, you'll be able to catch sight of them in ancient buildings, sculptures, and paintings as lucky emblems to foster fortune and repel bad energy. If you are one of those lucky folks with the knowledge and the map of ancient Chinese astronomers, you'll get to see the beasts' constellations blinking at you on clear nights.

Inspired by the beasts' power to bring harmony and beauty to the universe, the Eastern Beasts Palettes reflect their noble presence and magic to make natural beauty flourish.

Secrets of Design

The palette's design is entirely covered in the image of the four Eastern Beasts, each carries a whisper and blessing of their own to the palette's possessor:

The Azure Dragon , as the Eastern sky guardian and the symbol of the wood element's nurturing essence, has the ability to ignite a bright future and foster vigorous growth.

The Vermilion Bird , as the Southern sky guardian and the symbol of the fire element's vigor, holds great energy to enhance vitality and passion.

The White Tiger , as the Western sky guardian and the symbol of the metal element's mighty strength, can impart authority and fend off malevolent spirits.

The Black Tortoise , as the Northern sky guardian and the symbol of the water element's resilient character, bestows upon its master perseverance and protection for spiritual equilibrium.

The palette's colors and engravings of the four divine beasts are arranged in accordance with the principle of 风水(Fēng Shuǐ), an ancient Chinese practice that harnesses the energy of the surroundings to bring harmony and prosperity to one's body and spirit. Following the guidance of Fēng Shuǐ, the Eastern Beasts Palette is set in a unique layout to bring forth the brilliance of both your beauty and spirit.

The Vermilion Bird featured on the compact's cover, fierce in spirit and regal in charisma, poses itself to on-lookers and admirers alike as the extension of the owner's covetable presence. A great object to attract attention, good vibes and to flaunt your exquisite taste.

Best Tips to Glam up with Eastern Beasts Palette 2.0

For a soft, diffused color effect:  Opt for dry tools like your fingers or a fluffy brush.

For a saturated, high-definition color effect:  Opt for a damp brush or a damp sponge.

For youthful, lifted cheeks & slender appearance: 

Apply the Matte Dusty Pink (Vermillion Bird shade) as your blush, sweeping upwards toward the temples. Top it off with a touch of the Pink Silver Glitter (Azure Dragon shade) on the highest point of your cheeks. Use the Deep Taupe Satin (Black Tortoise shade) along your hairline and jawline for a slender, sculpted look. Add a dab of Pristine Pearl Shimmer (White Tiger shade) to the point of your nose, and the slightest sweep of the same shade on your nose bridge to bring out more dimension. 

For lively, bright, alluring eyes: 

Cast a veil of Matte Dusty Pink (Vermillion Bird shade) on your eyelids. Then, adorn a pop of Pristine Pearl Shimmer (White Tiger shade) at the center of the eyelids and the inner corners of the eyes for a bright, gleaming effect. 

Grab the Palette with Special Promotions

The Eastern Beasts Palette 2.0 is now available at Florasis online store . When purchasing two editions of the Eastern Beasts Palette, you'll receive one face brush (valued at $29) from our deluxe beauty tool collection.

If you have been a fan of the original palette, send us love by sharing a product review on our site for a chance to win a FREE Eastern Beasts Palette 2.0!

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