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États-Unis | français


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Article: News About Florasis: The Continuous Exploration of Beauty

News About Florasis: A Persistent Exploration of Beauty

News About Florasis: The Continuous Exploration of Beauty

Smell the Flowers in this Award Winning Beauty Store - Interior Design

The Hidden Garden (Florasis Flagship Store)
The Hidden Garden (Florasis Flagship Store)

Florasis, the C-Beauty named as a portmanteau of “flora” and “sister,” sells cosmetics formulated with floral essences. Its recently opened flagship in Hangzhou, China, by Leaping Creative encompassing 13,000 square feet across two floors, is a gallerylike white box lined with clear resin shelves—a nod to the traditional Chinese medicine cabinets that are typically outfitted with mulitudes of drawers of healing herbs. At the entry, a suspended distillation system art piece showcases the extraction process as sculpture. Inspired by the delightful ancient custom of winding stream parties, where guests floated cups of rice wine downstream to one another, it showcases blooms transforming via steam and condensation into beautifying essences.

Get Spring Ready With These March Hair and Beauty Launches - The Tease

Florasis Peach Resin Brightening Priming Moisturizer

Ready to get your glow on? This powerhouse moisturizer from Florasis is designed to prime, refresh, and moisturize your skin in just one swipe, allowing for long-lasting radiance all day long. Enriched with the naturally derived extracts of peach resin, peach blossom, and peony, this intense formula effortlessly conceals pores, fine lines, and wrinkles to create a smooth, flawless canvas for your makeup.  

What’s Behind Beauty Brand Proya’s Women’s Day Fail? - Jing Daily

Florasis’ recent “Nomadic Glam” campaign featured its brand ambassador and supermodel Du Juan galloping across the vast and serene Mongolian grassland, while showcasing the brand’s new collection of makeup and accessories crafted by traditional artisans.

Notably, the ulzii knot totem, also known as an endless knot, which is believed to bring good luck, appears on the Nomadic Glam collection’s makeup and fashion accessories. Other items inspired by prairie life include a phone and lipstick holder, a clutch bag, a fragrance card, and hair clips.

The brand raised awareness of local intangible heritage, charming global audiences and making patriotic consumers proud.

This kind of marketing with Chinese characteristics is quickly gaining ground globally, propelled by social media platforms like TikTok. 

Florasis Makeup - MSN

Florasis is a cosmetics brand started in China known for its high-quality formulas that are blendable, long-lasting, and comfortable to wear. They are also known for innovative products that incorporate traditional Chinese elements with modern makeup trends. We hope that this Florasis Makeup post inspires you. 

Florasis is an innovative makeup brand founded in 2017, drawing inspiration from the picturesque scenery and profound cultural heritage of Hangzhou, China, particularly the West Lake (also known as Lake Xi Zi). They are known for their high-quality, botanical-infused makeup products and their unique, ornate packaging that often features floral motifs.

17 Self-Care Products You Need if Your Spring Break is Filled With Fun in the Sun - E! Online

Want to look flawless without stressing about the UV rays? This bestselling SPF 50 primer combines beauty and sun protection into one gorgeous bottle, featuring a creamy & non-greasy formula with nourishing ingredients like chamomile, mulberry flower, and chasteberry for optimal hydration minus the sticky finish. Not only does it act as an effective shield against sun damage (both UVA & UVB radiation!), the primer uses porous oil-absorbing particles to absorb excess oil on your face.  

Nars Tops February China Beauty Leaderboard - Jing Daily

From February 1 to 25, local beauty brands, Proya, Florasis, and Chando, secured the top three spots, respectively, generating $797,800 (5.7 million RMB), $717,000 (4.9 million RMB), and $683,200 (4.9 million RMB) in media value. Winona and Caslan followed closely behind.  

Florasis Cleansing Oil - MSN

Florasis Makeup is a Chinese cosmetics brand inspired by ancient beauty rituals, and nourished by floral essences. Florasis integrates modern techniques into its gorgeous makeup. This Florasis Botanical Hydra-Soothe Balancing Cleansing Oil is no exception. We hope that this Florasis Cleansing Oil post inspires you.  

Florasis Names Gabby Chen President of Global Expansion - Beauty Packaging

Leading TikTok C-beauty color cosmetics brand, Florasis has appointed Gabby Chen as President of Global Expansion. Florasis is known for blending Eastern makeup with traditional beauty routines and the philosophy of Chinese aesthetics.

Florasis uses leather product packaging with Ulzii patterns and symbols to reflect the brand’s spirit of Mongolian culture. 

The brand’s products specialize in botanical and plant-based skincare. It develops formulas with Chinese medical herbs and floral essences to combine skincare and makeup. “We're ecstatic to have Gabby onboard to steer our global journey,” said Florasis co-founder, Freeman Ren

“We are dedicated to accelerating our efforts, eagerly seeking further support and feedback to enhance our strategy, expanding internationally in the following years, and establishing the brand as a leader in the cosmetics industry.”  

Florasis Love Lock Lipstick - Divine Lifestyle

Florasis is a stand-out company that infuses traditional Chinese aesthetics and cultural elements into its branding and product design. There are several factors contributing to the popularity of Florasis, going beyond just lipstick. Florasis has carved a niche for itself by combining high-quality products, culturally-inspired aesthetics, and a strong brand identity, attracting customers who appreciate these aspects. We hope that this Florasis Love Lock Lipstick post inspires you.  

Innovative C-Beauty: Florasis Launches Nomadic Glam at @cosme Tokyo - Yahoo! Finance UK

As the exclusive C-beauty brand featured at @cosme Tokyo, a testament to its unique presence in one of the world's most developed beauty markets. The event at the onset of 2023 was met with enthusiasm from a discerning Japanese audience. This ongoing engagement with @cosme Tokyo cements Florasis' commitment to the Japanese market, showcasing the brand's innovative beauty narratives in a nation celebrated for its beauty industry excellence.  

Best Warm-Toned Palette: Florasis Floral Engraving Phoenix Makeup Palette in Retro Brown - Allure

Why It's Worth It: What's not to love about the Florasis Floral Engraving Phoenix Makeup Palette, which picked up a 2023 Best of Beauty Award? Nine stunning warm hues like champagne glitter, peachy brown, and light apricot make for a wearable look that can be worn for any occasion. Plus, each eye shadow features a three-dimensional phoenix imprinted on it — so pretty you'll never want to hit pan on it. 

Editor Tip: The champagne shade works as a non-pore-enhancing, mirror-like face highlighter. You're welcome.  







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