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Article: Radiate in Autumn Blooms: Myths of the Autumn Floral Deities and Inspired Look of Warm Glimmer

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Radiate in Autumn Blooms: Myths of the Autumn Floral Deities and Inspired Look of Warm Glimmer

There's something of an enchanting heartache quality to autumn's beauty. It intoxicates our beings with a cozy embrace of crisp breezes and sunlit warmth, charms with its cinnamon-spiced perfume and cheery orange tinge, and leaves its admirers pining for a reunion over the long ensuing months.

Whether in remembrance or anticipation or during the season's golden hours, wherever or whenever autumn touches, wonder unfolds. At the sight, we folks at Florasis nudge each other in the arms and say, "There goes the fairy dust of the autumn floral divinities unleashing its magic."

The "Autumn Blooms" look is our attempt to capture this precious, fleeting delight. A season capsule where tales of the autumn floral deities resound, and the season's magical hues of brown, orange, and glistening lights remain in eternal vibrancy.

In today's blog, we invite you to explore our autumn capsule and immerse yourself in the enchanting memories of the season.

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The Goddess of Hollyhock Blossoms - Lady Li

Amidst the grandeur of the Han Dynasty, there were no treasures unknown to Emperor Wu.

That was until he heard a song. "In a secluded northern land, there lives a peerless beauty. A glimpse of her will unnerve a city. The second glimpse at her will send a state into disarray. No measure is spare, for her beauty is rare."

Intrigued by the mysterious muse behind the haunting song, the emperor asked to see her. Lady Li was then summoned to the palace, revealing herself as none other than the musician's sister. And true to the musical verse, Lady Li possessed the kind of beauty that people went to war for.

She was delicate, sweet, yet irresistible. Very much the embodiment of the hollyhocks - the Chinese representative flower of July - that she made her signature hair embellishment. Shortly after she arrived at the palace, Emperor Wu took Lady Li as his concubine. He adored her dearly, even years after her death. And those who witnessed her beauty remembered Lady Li as the Goddess of Hollyhock Blossoms, in honor of her favorite flower.

Inspired by the tale, our soft champagne shimmer (Moonlit) was created, mirroring the mesmeric allure of the goddess and her symbolic flower.

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The Goddess of Osmanthus Flowers - Xu Hui

Osmanthus flowers are revered for their sweet, curative aroma, and loved by poets and writers for their auspicious connotations of love, happiness, and romance. Xu Hui was one of those many poets, and little did she know then that her name would be intertwined with this iconic flower for centuries to come.

Xu Hui was a rare talent in ancient China. At the tender age of eight, she penned her first poem - "Imitating a Small Mountain," a work that marked her as one of the few recognized female poets of her time.

Emperor Taizong of Tang, who heard of her genius and poems, formally titled her a royal-accredited talent. Later, she was promoted to be his concubine.

Xu Hui's married life was full of admiration, affection, and romance. Their love was so deeply treasured that once the emperor passed away, Xu Hui fell ill due to grief, and soon followed her beloved to the other realm.

For Xu Hui's pure heart that stands for everything that the osmanthus emblemizes, she was named the Chinese Osmanthus Flower Goddess. The Infinite Blossom Longwear Liquid Eyeshadow in Sunrise, a peachy orange matte, was crafted in moments of recalling this bittersweet tale of love.

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The Deity Chrysanthemum Flowers - Tao Yuanming

When marveling at chrysanthemum flowers, the Chinese often find themselves reciting "Picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence, leisurely seeing the southern mountains." They said it was the spirit of the poet Tao Yuanming - the chrysanthemum deity that influenced them to speak so.

While we cannot definitively resolve the mystery, it is undeniable that the chrysanthemum blooms gloriously within the haven of Tao Yuanming's poem.

Although traditionally reserved for noble ladies and royalty, ancient Chinese believed Tao Yuanming's collection of 125 soulful poems to be as precious as any riches or regal status, thus deeming him no less worthy of the chrysanthemum than the nobles themselves.

Our pigment Ebony, was made from the brown tone of Tao Yuanming's land - the "southern mountains" that nurture the poem's exquisite chrysanthemums.

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Step 1: Sketch luminous petals

Employ the soft champagne shimmer (Moonlit) to draw the curved petals of chrysanthemums, stretching from your eye to the temple, brow bone, and cheekbone.

Step 2: Cast a veil of orange splendor

Add a wash of peachy orange matte (Sunriseall over your eyelids. And finely line your lower lash line to bring cohesion to the look.

Step 3: Amplify the sunrise gradience

Conjure a sense of effortless elegance on the eyelid by gradually intensifying the eyeshadow (Sunrise). Go from soft to saturated toward the upper lash line and the eye tail.

Step 4: Adorn a regal aura to the look

Employ the Ebony pigment as your eyeliner, and draw a sharp, winged eyeliner look for a fierce effect.

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