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Article: Cooling with Winter Blooms: Legends and Colors of the Winter Flower Deities

Infinite Blossom Longwear Liquid Eyeshadow
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Cooling with Winter Blooms: Legends and Colors of the Winter Flower Deities

As the summer heat swells, shrouding the appetite for sunlit tones and catalyzing desires for serene coolness, blue core artistry rises in vogue.

Riding on the blue wave, our "Winter Blooms" comes to life — luscious in royal blue and alike decadent magnitudes, donning a bewitching luster of Infinite Blossom Longwear Liquid Eyeshadows.

A twinning moment with snow crystal beauty, a perfect breeze to rise above the known warm themes of summer.

In today's number, we recount the steps to triumph in "Winter Blooms": visit the narratives that inspired the palette and master guidance to a victorious recreation.

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The Lord of Hibiscus - Shi Manqing

The floral darling of October calls for hibiscus, and the guardian of such beauty is Shi Manqing. Before reverence for his divine title exists and travels, Shi Manqing was a scholar of Emperor Zhenzong of the Song Dynasty, an esteemed one nonetheless.

The ancient fable said his brilliant mind was so great, he could waltz in between the moral world and every realm in between at his will.

After his passing, he made a routine of visiting his close folks in their dreams, inviting them to his new home—the Hibiscus city, where he resided as the mystical place's new lord.

Those who followed the invitation recalled landing in a place of fairy tales and otherworldly splendors. There, hibiscus bloomed bountifully beyond the reach of the eye, with such astounding vividness that their reddish halo dyed the velvet night sky into an infinite purple grandeur.

The Infinite Blossom Longwear Liquid Eyeshadow in blue violet matte (Iris)—used in the "Winter Blooms" design—is drawn from the magical sky of Hibiscus city.

Infinite Blossom Longwear Liquid Eyeshadow

The Deity of Camellia - Bai Juyi

In the drizzling month of November, the camellias light up the grey days with their glorious blossoms of bright red, pink, purple, and white.

It's a peculiar occurrence—the camellia flowering, for such wonderful grandness reserves its appearance for such a dreary stage.

Some Chinese believe the flower spirit knows winter dulls human glee, so it blooms to comfort and cheer us on.

Others say it's the poet Bai Juyi's doing as he is the Camellia deity. His distinguished daring character and bold speech reflect on the fearless flowers he guards, and so, he makes his flowers bloom in such paradoxical manner.

Adapting the eccentric temperament of camellia, rather than picking its exquisite shades for our Infinite Blossom Longwear Liquid Eyeshadow lineup, the camellia-inspired pigment diverges towards a different color spectrum, embracing the lush coolness of Royal Blue Glitter (Midnight).

A shade you can wear to complement, and to stand out from the backdrop of blooming camellia. 

Infinite Blossom Longwear Liquid Eyeshadow

The Goddesses of Narcissus - Ehuang and Nvying

The Chinese hold narcissus with great differences from their Greek counterparts. In the mid-December winter, narcissus blossoms bring to mind the notion of love, togetherness, and the legend of Ehuang and Nvying.

Before these sisters were Narcissus goddesses, they were queen and concubine of Emperor Yao.

Contrary to the common tales of hostility and jealous tragedy in such relationships, Emperor Yao, Ehuang, and Nvying made themselves a rare anomaly, living together in a harmonious rhythm.

Over the years of marriage, their bond grew so interwoven that not even death could dare to come in between. Shortly after Emperor Yao's passing, Ehuang and Nvying held hands to the Xiangjiang River, and followed Emperor Yao to the afterlife.

Where their lives ended, narcissus bloomed beautifully and well until winter waned and spring came. The mystery was taken as God honoring the sisters' devoted virtue, lasting loyalty, and unyielding love.

For the deep river that embraces the precious, shining hearts of Ehuang and Nvying, and is adorned finely with narcissus's exquisite blossoms that resemble the galaxy, the last piece of the Infinite Blossom Longwear Liquid Eyeshadow is made into silver glitter with icy purple pearl (Stardust). 

Infinite Blossom Longwear Liquid Eyeshadow


Step 1: Stain your eyes with blue

Use the wand of the blue violet matte pigment (Iris) to dot on the eye tail and eyelid corner. Blend out the dots with gentle sweeps. Then, go back and forth between the dots to stain the entire eye, creating a mimicry of Hibicus City's night sky. 

With the same color and a slim brush head, line the lower lash line with soft, neat strokes.

Step 2: Adorn a touch of highlight

Dab on a matte highlight shade at the center of the eye lid to bring out dimensions of your eyes.

Layer the royal blue glitter (Midnight) on top of the  Iris  dots, and blend out until you achieve a veil-like, seamless effect.

Step 3: Cast a milky way

Pick up the silver glitter with icy purple pearl (Stardust) wand and sprinkle its magic on your lower lash line, brow bone and cheek bone. For an electrifying night showcase, top on more glitter to achieve the dazzling, enchanting look of your desire.

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