Your Florasis Wonderland: Welcome to our Flagship Store

Hangzhou, China. An ancient yet modern city.

A city of lakes that inherited the elegance of the Song dynasty and the proud home of the West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We were born by the West Lake (西湖, xī hú), and our Chinese name 花西子 (huā xī zǐ) bears the West Lake's touch. When ancient wisdom, cosmetic innovation, and craftsmanship blossomed, the West Lake watched us bloom.

On the 15th of December 2022, we opened our flagship store on its shores.

Our store is a tribute and celebration of our roots. And we are so, so thrilled to welcome you. 

A 1,000 Square Foot Garden, Gallery, and Retail Space

An architectural undertaking born from passion and inspiration, our offline store is the first of its kind. Built to emulate traditional Chinese garden design, the Florasis Flagship is the largest branded cosmetic store in China. A hybrid art gallery-retail space, this exceptional two-floor setting combines a deep admiration and appreciation of natural habitats, breathtaking wild phenomena, and artistic ambiance.

The 13 Views of the Hidden Garden

A hidden garden in a bustling city, a natural escape on the shores of the West Lake. The Florasis Flagship store invites you on a physical and emotional journey through 13 immersive views...

1. The Flower Spirit Wall (花影壁 huā yǐng bì)

Once called Xiao walls, spirit walls were screen walls used to shield entrances.

A key feature of Chinese gardening, spirit walls reinforce the traditional Chinese garden technique of conceal before reveal and restrain before raising. In essence, spirit walls are gentle encouragement for guests to explore, investigate, and discover the most beautiful scenery behind their decorated exteriors.

The Flower Spirit Wall itself conceals its own beauty, and only upon closer inspection do you find it reflects the aesthetics of the West Lake with our petite window and Bingdi lotus emblems.


2. The Mountain View (观山境 guān shān jìng)

Using rare Taihu rocks from Lake Tai, the Moutain View displays the rare beauty of Taihu rocks in all their perforated beauty. Formed through long and gradual erosion by water, small Taihu rocks were once placed in scholars' studios as sources of inspiration or used in gardens as beautiful sculptural elements. A symbol of eternity, in ancient times, people viewed the stones as signs of virtue, and mountain rocks symbolized the stability of a family business. As admirers of these treasures, we wish you prosperity and stability.

The Hundred Medicines Cabinet (百子柜 bǎi zǐ guì)
A staple of every traditional Chinese medicine store, the Hundred Medicines Cabinet's impressive arrangement of drawers represents the multitude of medicinal herbs, flowers, and plants used in Chinese medicine. Since ancient times, medicine and makeup have shared an inextricable bond. Cosmetics, both healing and beautifying, were prescribed by doctors and concocted from nourishing herbs we still infuse into our products today. Florasis Flagship Store-The Hundred Medicines Cabinet

The Hundred Flower Distiller (百花凝 bǎi huā níng)

A work of art and a marvel of technology, the distiller displays the extraction process in an elegant, almost sculptural form. Inspired by the ancient custom of winding stream parties, whereby players waited by a winding stream and composed poems before their cups of rice wine floated down to meet them, the floating flowers drift, transform, and finally become an exquisite essential fragrance. Florasis Flagship Store-The Hundred Medicines Cabinet

Inspired by the ancient Refined Practice of flower gathering, our retail experience is as relaxing as wandering a field of flowers. With each product containing a multitude of floral essences, you'll nourish your beauty routine with each flower you pluck and have the chance to admire our flowering landscape-inspired architecture. Florasis Flagship Store-Flower Gathering Terrace

Head up the Winding Path to the second floor and you will discover a calming, peaceful atmosphere. If the first floor is a view of nature teeming with life, the upper exhibition space is the elegant view from above. Crafted from "white jade," the Winding Path staircase replicates ancient footpaths and continues the conceal before reveal philosophy of Chinese gardens. When you stand on its left side, you'll discover the brimming, sparkling vision of a hidden lake which draws from the West lake and shines on all four walls. 

As you arrive on the second floor, you come to the Light of Happiness Mountain Stream, a cultural exhibition space that flows with light and is home to the Eight National Works of Art. Florasis Flagship Store-Light of Happiness Mountain Stream

After passing through the corridor, you arrive at an open space called the Shadow Play Screen. While seemingly vast and empty, the space contains three cultural allusions. Firstly, the fan-shaped window was designed to look like a bat's unfolded wings and is affectionately called the bat fan (蝙蝠扇 biān fú shàn). A pun for a fan of blessings (福扇 fú shàn), the design is intended to invite blessings.

Secondly, the technique of opening the wall to reveal scenery is called "enframed scenery," a classic gardening technique. In our case, the wall is real but the image is virtual, a meeting of the physical and virtual world.

Finally, the third allusion is "hidden scenery," a concealment technique designed to reveal scenery. The scenery here is hidden in an AR program where you can unlock a world of flowers and take a souvenir photo. 

A healing and secluded place, the Land of Faraway Fragrance is our fragrance personalization space where we tap into the healing power of the olfactory.

In traditional Chinese medicine, humans have seven emotions: happiness, anger, worry, contemplation, grief, fear, and surprise. Through traditional incense culture, the seven emotions can be combined with specific scents, and through Smell, Diagnosis, and Adjustment, these three steps can bring healing and calm temperaments.

The Eternal Boudoir is our custom makeup space. Like a private boudoir, the Eternal Boudoir is a space for everyday creativity and artistry. Throughout China's long and rich history, makeup has flourished, and as we continue to advance makeup technology and artistry through technique, color, meaning, and spirit, we will continue to embody the adventurous soul and cultural wisdom of those before us.

  Florasis Flagship Store-The Eternal Boudoir

The trousseau, an ancient makeup and jewelry case women used to store all manner of precious item, is a symbol of Chinese beauty and artistry.

The Love Lock is a treasure belonging to Yue Lao, the god of marriage and love, and it is through him that two lovers can be eternally bound and locked.

The Love Lock Wall holds 11 Love Locks, with each lock a witness to thousands of love stories and a unique symbol of Chinese romance.

Our address:




The Hidden Garden (Florasis Flagship Store)

Hubin 88 Shopping Center

124 Pinghai Road, Shangcheng district, Hangzhou

Floors 1 (F1-10) and 2 (F2-13) 


This must be the most extravagant cosmetic store on this planet. Congrats on the idea and execution. It’s beyond beautiful!

Kasia January 17, 2023

Congratulations 🥳 Wish I could be there to see it soon 🙏🏻✈️💗

Diana Kan Lee January 16, 2023

I love your products. Your space is so inspiring and healing. If I had the resources, I would buy all your makeup and skincare products.

Sharon Henegar January 16, 2023

Absolutely beautiful a true work of art!

Cassia Zak January 16, 2023


Olga Skekliou January 16, 2023

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