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États-Unis | français


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Article: How to Use these Star Product

How to Use these Star Product
Behind the Product

How to Use these Star Product

How to use Floral Dew Care Makeup Remover Wipes

A free piece of makeup remover wipe is attached in any orders. Yes! It is a makeup remover wipe. Check the usage below. 


Tear open the facial makeup remover wipes and wrap them around your two fingers.


Gently press against your face for about 10-15 seconds.


Gently wipe from top to bottom by horizontal movement.


Rinse abundantly with water.

*Note: If you want to see a full face makeup removal tutorial, check out this article👉30s Removal Routine. 

How to open Blooming Rouge Love Lock Lipstick

You will receive the following parts in your love lock lipstick kit: a love-lock lipstick case, a bullet with exquisite engraving and a tassel accessory. 


Fit the tassel charm on case (the side with the keyhole)


Lightly press the keyhole-shaped button to pop out the lipstick.

*Note:1. Please make sure the lipstick is fully returned to its tube before putting it back into the case. 2. There is a protective oil coating on the lipstick which may cause resistance when it is applied. This coating will disappear after several uses. 

How to open Fairy Peach Blossom Ultra-light Setting Powder (Porch Window Edition)

Case Design: The case reinterprets the "powder compact" in which ancient Chinese ladies stored their cosmetic powders or blush. The intricate lines echo the elegance of Eastern aesthetics, taking inspiration from the traditional Chinese windows. While being aesthetically pleasing, it adds screw cap design, convenient to carry out. 


Rotate the container, then open.

*Note:If you want to see a full setting powder usage, please check out this article👉The New Star in your Makeup Bag🌸. 

1 commentaire

The visual of this makeup is stunning. It applies beautifully and the colors are magnificent. I love the luxury cases and have given the products as gifts.

Gayle Stubblefield

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Fairy Peach Blossom Ultra-light Setting Powder
Behind the Product

The New Star in Your Makeup Bag

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The Apsara Goddess in You

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