The New Star in Your Makeup Bag

With girls' busy schedules and eventful lifestyle, the setting powder appears to gain more popularity over the years and get significant more attention in our makeup bags.👜

More than an oil-control staple, it has become a noteworthy makeup basic. The best setting powders can fix make-up, control shine, conceal breakouts. Our Setting Powder is unparalleled in its ability to set make-up and prevent oiliness.

That said, setting powders are far easier to work with than thick, creamy textures, that's why women prefer as an on-the-go staple.

Upgraded again and again, our iconic 🌸Fairy Peach Blossom Ultra-light Setting Powder from the Porch Window Edition is already beloved by make-up artists for its classic translucent setting formula, this product sits somewhere between oil-control, setting-in-place and face-holding effects.

Infused with pearl pigments, it offers an incredibly light-reflecting finish that still grips onto make-up for dear life. Upgraded for the iteration, it's the smoothest way to prep you for the rising temperatures of the spring days. 🦋🍃🍃The air powder is made from the same shape as the powder box - this time updated with a custom puff that's so gentle on your skin.🧚‍♀️

The shape of the box and the customized puff will only bid you a timeless and sensational "oriental elegance" experience. Add Fairy Peach Blossom Ultra-light Setting Powder 👈to your makeup collection.

How to use

【Puff Version】


First Step

Rotate the container lid to open it.


Second Step

Lay the puff completely flat on the elastic net and dip it upside down into the right amount of powder.


Third Step

Press the powder on the back of your hand to evenly blend it into the puff.


Fourth Step

Press gently so the powder holds evenly onto face.

Powder Brush Version


First Step

Place the brush vertically on the elastic net and gently pick up the powder.


Second Step

Gently rub the brush on the back of your hand to buff off any excessive powder.


Third Step

Apply the powder brush to the skin surface of the hand and spread it evenly on the face.


Absolutely gorgeous! Love these products! Will forever be a customer!

Amanda M. Ellis February 07, 2023

Looks an amazing powder and I look forward to receiving this product and experimenting with it so I use it to its’ full advantage. I have the puff now want the brush also. I am excited to continue my journey with these amazing products

Catherine Munro-Ford April 21, 2022

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