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États-Unis | français


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Article: The Truth Behind Florasis' Engraved Makeup

The Truth Behind Florasis' Engraved Makeup
Behind the Product

The Truth Behind Florasis' Engraved Makeup

What does it take to create an icon? For us, it's world-class artistry, ancient art forms, and legendary inspirations... 

"Every time I repair a lock, it feels like I'm talking to ancient locksmiths."

Ancient Chinese locks are the 5,000-year-old inspiration behind our Love Lock lipsticks. When Master Xiang Yonglin began preparing locks over 20 years ago, he knew he couldn't use modern techniques to repair them. Their intricate mechanisms had survived hundreds of years, and they demanded delicate attention. 

In the locksmith trade, there is a saying "9 out of 10 locks are broken." Over 2,000 repaired locks later, Master Xiang continues to patiently repair these precious heirlooms. 

"Even though the locks are small, they were used to protect the most valuable things. Before, it was money and precious items. Now they've become symbols of peace, happiness, long life, love, and marriage."

When we first approached Master Xiang about the Love Lock lipstick project, he was surprised that an ancient heirloom could be combined with makeup. 

"They combined something young people enjoy - lipstick - with ancient love locks. It takes the meaning of love locks and their ancient history and transforms them into a modern fashionable item. This is also a way to pass down culture.

Florasis Ancient Locks-Xiang Yonglin
Xiang Yonglin​​

"This relief carving on the eyeshadow still has depth, just like my own work."

When we approached Master Du Jufang, she wasn't sure if her breathtaking relief engravings would work with makeup. Thankfully, our Phoenix Palette, Goddess Palettes, and Eastern Beast Sculpting Palette are here today.

But despite Master Du's skill, she admits her art form isn't necessarily popular with the younger generations.

"I feel that young people aren't really interested in this art form, but through makeup it seems they enjoy it. When practicing an ancient art form, it feels like it's being passed down to you."

Examining our Phoenix Palette, Master Du explains the complexity behind the Phoenix relief engraving.

"This engraving requires complex techniques. The artist must have patience and true craftsmanship. You can't create something like this after just one or two years. You need many years of experience." 

Wood Craving-Du Jufang
​​Du Jufang

"After 44 days, I still wasn't satisfied."

When sheer willpower and artistry come together yous have Master Long Taiyang. A master of Miao silver forging techniques, his silversmith work continues an ancient tradition passed down from generation to generation. The Miao people value silver as a symbol of good fortune, and intricate exquisite pieces are worn for celebrations.

Florasis impression of Miao
Florasis impression of Miao

Master Long speaks of the struggle of forging a three-dimensional eagle:

"I would be in bed at night and thinking 'Ah, that technique wouldn't work.' Then I'd get up and start working, but then go back to bed after a failure. I'd think 'That didn't work,' and try again. After days and days of failure and insomnia because of this eagle, it finally worked. And I was satisfied.'"  

Miao Silver-Long Taiyang
Long Taiyang​​

"To me, ceramics isn't just an art. It has life, emotions, and being."

"When I was approached I actually very touched. Combining modern fashion creativity with Chinese aesthetic principles and pouring them into a traditional craft - this was our shared idea."

According to Mast Wang Xiaodan, there are 27 steps to the traditional ceramics creation process. Each one requires deep concentration and attention. The final step - putting the piece in the kiln for firing - can easily be the most wrenching part of the process. If the piece isn't properly treated, it could explode and the artist's hard work is destroyed. 

"Although though ceramics is thousands of years old, and Florasis and I are far too young, we continue to stick to our aspirations and pass down this art form. We must push ceramics culture further and forward."  

Porcelain-Wang Xiaodan
​​Wang Xiaodan

3 commentaires

The carvings on every product is absolutely amazing. The make up rivals the top brands.
The brushes and the makeup sponge makes
application effortless. The shipping was within the expected timeframe. Every product I ordered arrived in perfect condition. I love all the products I received.

Phyllis Price

Florasis rende tangibile realtà l’ ideale che io, nata in occidente, ho sempre avuto della cultura cinese. Posso avere un assaggio dello stupore e della meraviglia che deve aver provato il mio conterraneo Marco Polo a contatto con questa civiltà.

Claudia Cattelan

It is amazing and incredible to see the time and dedication to create these beautiful Masterpieces, and learning the history in the craftsmanship and the designs are incredible Wishing you lots of happiness and joy

Kierra Scott

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