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États-Unis | français


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Article: Florasis Summer Sale 2023: Your Ultimate Guide


Florasis Summer Sale 2023: Your Ultimate Guide

It's time to romanticize those longer days with looks that soar and shine. As you indulge in cheerful days and balmy nights, enter every occasion with a gorgeous, confident glow.

This summer, we're celebrating with four curated gift sets. Get ready for healthy protected skin, glossy lips, and a radiant flush like you've never seen!

Shine with Jade Brilliance

Where timeless elegance and brilliant shine converge. Jade is an ancient symbol of purity, beauty, and strength. Unyielding and priceless, this precious gemstone inspired gift is perfect for those of inner strength and outer beauty. From foundation to finish, you'll achieve a healthy glow in minutes.

Shield With Protective Light

Amplify your glow but stay protected with Protective Light. With our blinding Twin Lotus highlighter and brightening SPF 50+/PA+++ primer, you'll stay lustrous in all the right places. As you flourish and frolic on summer adventures, your complexion stays safe and radiant against UVA and UVB rays with a weightless finish.

Feel Romantic With a Lover’s Tale

For every date with your new flame (or yourself) adorn yourself with romantic shades inspired by an elegant river goddess and classic Chinese romances. Vivid, vibrant, and buttery smooth, you'll step out the door heart full and eyes bright as you embark on your own romantic journey.

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