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États-Unis | français


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Article: Discover the Unique Artistry of the Odey Makeup Palette, a Precious Engraving Masterpiece

Discover the Unique Artistry of the Odey Makeup Palette, a Precious Engraving Masterpiece
Behind the Product

Discover the Unique Artistry of the Odey Makeup Palette, a Precious Engraving Masterpiece

Our palettes are a work of art ––but so are you! We’d like you to meet our most intricate palette yet, a truly seamless and multifunctional product to enhance the Goddess in every woman.

In splendour brighter than the autumn chrysanthemum / she sparkles like the sun rising from morning mists / long eyebrows delicately arched, red lips that shed their light abroad / my fancy is charmed by her modest beauty.

So goes the poem “Ode to the Goddess of the Luo River," the superb work of poet Cao Zhi during the Three Kingdoms Period, which we've endeavoured to honour with our iconic Floral Engraving Odey Makeup Palette - The Encounter Palette. With its engraved love patterns and unique folding fan shape, the Odey Palette conveys gilded artistry while delivering flawless results.

What makes it different?

Expertly and exquisitely crafted to resemble a small folding fan in shape, it is entirely unique in its design and taking inspiration from ancient Eastern tradition. Not only does the case present lovely imaging of the Goddess of the Luo River herself, but it's only upon opening the folding fan that the stunning masterpiece at play is revealed: each of the nine pods in the palette are engraved to describe the tale envisaged by Cao Zhi, making up the story of the Goddess in nine dreamy and elaborate motifs.

The Odey Palette is elegant in look and practical in use, with a warm and golden colour scheme and the unique addition of an arctic blue hue and a taffy pink one to complement its primary honey, red, and blush shades. As a whole, it is a vision of earthy tones with just the perfect touch of shimmer. Beginning with the more subdued tones, you can use the Odey Palette to build on a seamless base and add a pop of pink or silver to your liking, effortlessly enhancing your natural beauty with every touch.

Using this practical and multifunctional tool, you can also substitute the peachier tones in the place of blush or the shimmer tones as highlighter for a truly 3-in-1 hero product. Add a little glitter to the tip of your nose, or a touch of gold above your cupid's bow, and you'll fall in love with the Odey Palette in no time!

Our products are timelessly beautiful, but they're also powered by the latest technology developments and backed by undeniably conclusive results. We are proud to offer exquisitely adorned makeup that you'll want to showcase on your vanity dresser for everyone to see, but also know the quality of our goods can stand the test of time, heat, and personal needs. That is why our highly pigmented eyeshadow powders are formulated to avoid fallout and creases, for the most seamless application of both the matte tones and the glittery hues.

We care about stunning packaging and unique artful motifs, but we will never sacrifice quality in the name of beauty. At Florasis, we can do both!

How to use it

Go soft for an everyday enhancing look, or pack on the night glam for a touch of 80s fun! Start with a muted base and layer on as many blends of colours as your heart desires!

Grab your Soft Blooming Eyeshadow Brush and fluff a creamy, darker colour into the corner of your lid, then switch sides of the brush and go back in on the corner of your eye with a lighter tone for an illuminated effect. You can also use the small side of the brush to apply a darker hue in the place of eyeliner along the length of your lid, and elegantly flick it upwards for an irresistible cat-eye look.

The looks you can create with the Odey Palette are truly endless, so just have fun collecting different forms of inspiration and getting to work on your creations, like the artist we know every woman can be. These are just two of the infinite combinations you can create with the Odey Palette. In the first look, we combined rosy and taffy tones to create depth along the eyelid crease and proceeded to use the same pigment as a blush on the cheekbones, while a blended silver shimmer finishes the look on the opposite eye corner. For the second look, we've chosen to blend silver and tangerine tones for a classy take on modern glam.

How to unlock additional savings

Receive a free Soft Blooming Eyeshadow Brush with your purchase! 

We've paired a gift with every Odey Palette order, a premium firm-grip brush with soft bristles for a seamless and perfectly blended finish. It's double-ended for an even easier application: use the larger brush to apply your chosen base, then blend pops of colour with the smaller end.

Store your Odey Palette like the precious work of art it is, choose the White Jade gift set to receive a beautiful case! 

We wanted to make sure you could properly store the stunning Floral Engraving Odey Makeup Palette you've chosen, so we've decided to offer the option to purchase it along with an exclusive blue case with golden motifs. This way, the gorgeous imagery on the palette itself will remain well-maintained and you won't ever have to worry about how to transport it when travelling! Additionally, with your purchase of the White Jade gift set you will receive a pair of white jade earrings to enhance your look and remind you of the power of this precious gemstone.

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