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États-Unis | français


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Article: A Shimmery Lilac Prom Look to Make You Bloom, Just Like You’re Meant to

A Shimmery Lilac Prom Look to Make You Bloom, Just Like You’re Meant to
Makeup Tutorial

A Shimmery Lilac Prom Look to Make You Bloom, Just Like You’re Meant to

Take a trip to the magical 80s with this modern twist on a classic party look, perfect for prom or any festive celebration. From one of the most fun and daring, most whimsical decade makeup has ever seen: bold makeup looks allow you to express your personality at its fullest, experimenting with different takes on the most colorful trends and glittery touches.

For this style, we've used some of our favorite products and colors from a few of our best-selling palettes: here's how to recreate our favorite lilac and pink dreamy look to turn heads at your very own prom!

STEP 1: Clean and Prime

Begin by cleansing your face and applying the Yurong Camellia Care Primer to smooth out your base. We used shade 01, formulated for dry skin types and giving a hydrating finish. We also offer oil-controlling and brightening options for different needs, but all of them are enriched with camellia, Chinese ground orchid, and atractylodes for the ultimate brightening effect.

STEP 2: Apply Foundation

Then go in with our Yurong Dendrobium Hydrating Fluid Foundation (we used shade L20 Rosy Ivory, a slightly cool base) which is easy to blend and gives a perfectly smooth finish. With its sensitive-tested formula infused with Dendrobium nobile, white water lily, Poet's jasmine, and panthenol, our foundation hides imperfections without weighing on your skin, with a lightweight setting that doesn't crease, cake, or smudge while remaining natural.

STEP 3: Apply Blusher

Take your Floral Dew Care Cream-to-Powder Blush in shade 01, Drunk Red, which does exactly what its name says: its creamy texture turns to powder instantly, as soon as it touches your skin. It is moisturizing, water and sweat proof by virtue of our unique oil film coating technology, which is perfect because we're going to use it as… eyeshadow!

STEP 4: Apply Eyeshadow

From the the Floral Engraving Butterfly Makeup Palette, we're going to take the Soft Blooming Eyeshadow Brush that comes with the palette and select the gorgeous navy hue, then apply it over the hot pink blush base starting from the outer corner of the eye, and blending to add depth and deepen the crease for definition.

STEP 5: Apply Palette

Going in with the Floral Engraving Phoenix Makeup Palette G01, apply shade Dark Cyan along your lower lash line for a dramatic effect, then add a touch of shimmer at the corner of the eye with the Moonlight White shade.

STEP 6: Apply Eyeliner

This step will need all your concentration, as you're now applying an ultra thin line with the Pine Soot Precise Define Eyeliner. With a fine tip, a round stroke, neat bristles, and a grip for ultimate and flexible comfort, it shouldn't be too hard to trace your lash line as closely as possible. From the inner corner of the eye draw it directed outwards, and going slightly upwards at the very end so that it meets the eyeshadow right where it blends into your eye corner. It is an incredible product, it dries quickly for a smudge-free effect and is long-lasting thanks to the cedar extract we've infused it with. Another extract, that of pine soot, confers the black and brown colors a soft and rich definition, perfect for any defined look.

STEP 7: Shape Eyebrows

With the Luodai Floral Eyebrow Define Pencil, an ultra-fine product delivering hair-like strokes, draw and perfect your eyebrows to your liking –but remember, this is a bold look, so don't be afraid to go a little strong! We used shade 05 Taupe.

STEP 8: Apply Bronzer

Go ahead and get your Eastern Beasts Sculpting Makeup Palette out: it's an exquisite 4-in-1 palette with engraved patterns, for effortless matte and shimmery contouring, highlighting, blush and eyeshadow. And for a limited time, it comes with a free contour brush as a gift with each purchase! Fluff your brush with a good amount of Warm Taupe Bronzer on your cheeks to give them the perfect slimming look, and a touch of Milky Peach Blush on the top of your cheekbones for a rosy pop of color. With the tip of your clean index finger, mix a little bit of the Light Beige Highlighter and the Pink Champagne Gold Highlighter and press the shimmer to your under-eye area for a true 80s trick, as the highlighter will catch the light as you move on the dance floor and shine bright just like you. Add more layers as you wish until you're satisfied. 

STEP 9: Lift Eyes

To add a little drama, take the Pine Soot Slender Mascara and go over your lashes once or twice until you reach your desired effect. You won’t have to worry about consecutive layers clumping up your lashes, as its lightweight and quick-drying coating formula stops this from happening, while plant extracts from camellia, North African cedar, and fleeceflower root strengthen your lashes with each application.

STEP 10: Apply Lipstick

It is now time to treat your lips, because no prom look can be finished without them! First, start with a soft layer of Blooming Rouge Love Lock Lipstick from the Impression of Dai collection, shade M9420, Just Love You, applying it directly to the lips. Then dip the Florasis Soft Lip Brush into the Blooming Rouge Love Lock Lipstick (You Melt My Heart), shade M1311 Sweet Apricot, and apply it with the help of a lip brush for a silky, delicate finish and the most gorgeous rosy pout.

Get ready to dance your heart out on the dance floor, confident that not an inch of your makeup will move throughout the night so you can have fun in true gorgeous Florasis style!

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