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Article: A Lifelong Romance: The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Is Here

Florasis Valentine’s Day Gift

A Lifelong Romance: The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Is Here

The Love We All Deserve


Passionate declarations. Secretive whispers by candlelight. The first sizzling glance from across the bar. For those lucky enough to fall within Cupid's line of sight as he aims his arrow, Valentine's Day is a celebration of romantic union.

Love is patient. Love is kind. But more importantly, love is vast.

A soothing soak. A rejuvenating walk in nature. An afternoon tea with friends. Self-love and platonic love are equally priceless, which is why our Valentine's gift is for your greatest love of all—be they lover, friend, or yourself.

The Beginnings of a Lifelong Romance


Divine, bittersweet, and sensorial. The Lifelong Romance set is a loving duo of eyeshadow and lipstick. Encased in a shimmering fan-inspired jewelry case, our brand new The First Sight eyeshadow palette and Terracotta Romance Love Lock lipstick are a match born from two legendary romances.

Ethereal Eyes: The First Sight Palette


A happy Valentine's Day starts with an ode to romance. The First Sight palette is the second part of our Ode to the Goddess of the Luo River (洛神赋, luò shén fù) series.

A bittersweet love story between man and deity, the ode was originally a poem by Prince Cao Zhi. The poem was so deeply moving that celebrated artist Gu Kaizhi later chose to retell it through a magnificent silk handscroll.

The Luo Shen Fu handscroll depicts Cao Zhi's imaginary romantic experience witnessing the ethereal goddess Luo. Instantly drawn to her breathtaking beauty and mythical presence, Cao Zhi is besotted. But the love between human and deity cannot be, and the pair are never reunited.

A Lifelong Romance: The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Is Here
A Lifelong Romance: The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Is Here

It's alleged that Luo Shen Fu was a reflection of Cao Zhi's true romantic life, with the goddess representing Consort Mi, his sister-in-law.

Our rendition of this ancient love story comes to life in nine versatile, pigment-rich shades. Inspired by the dynamic lyricism of Cao Zhi's poetry and the rich detail of Gu Kaizhi's handscroll, these intense shades are a vibrant harmony of silky mattes, bright shimmers, and dazzling glitters.

A Loving Formula


Lovingly formulated with nourishing flora admired since ancient times, this palette is enriched with a multitude of extracts including skin-clarifying peony, antioxidant-rich Chondrus crispus, brightening pearl powder, and soothing Calendula officinalis.

Our microfine pearlized formula glides over skin, immediately delivering captivating color that blends like a dream. Craft your signature eyeshadow look with silky soft, long-wear shadows, then highlight for unparalleled luminosity using the multiuse shimmer shades.

Subtle Softness: Terracotta Romance


The Valentine's gift idea that embodies romance from every angle. Engraved with one of China's Four Great Folktales, The Legend of the White Snake, this touching tale centers around Xu Xian, an ordinary man, and Bai Suzhen, a snake spirit who transforms into a woman. A testament to the power of true love, the couple brave death, danger, and separation before finally being reunited.

The engraving captures the moment when Xu Xian offers his umbrella to Bai Suzhen on the Broken Bridge in Hangzhou.

A soft, muted clay, Terracotta Romance hints at something warmer and more passionate on the horizon. Encased in our iconic Love Lock case, another romantic symbol, it's the perfect everyday shade that enhances with a soft touch.

A Signature Formula


Silk cocoon oil locks in moisture and creates a comfortable film on the lips for a transfer-resistant silky matte like no other. Adorn your lips with rich pigment while minimizing lip lines, and enjoy your Valentine's Day with the long-wear lipstick you'll love to reapply.

The Lifelong Romance Gift Set


Enamor with glamor and grace. Let Lifelong Romance set the tone for a day of self-care or romance, or act as the crowning jewel of an enchanting evening. A gift imbued with the best parts of love—tenderness, devotion, warmth, passion—this limited-edition set is the Valentine's Day idea they'll never forget.

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