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Article: Your Key to Glass Skin is Here

Your Key to Glass Skin is Here
Behind the Product

Your Key to Glass Skin is Here

While seeing your bare face transform into a magnificent work of art is a moment that most of us cherish and relish in, with the excitement of seeing the finished design and the joy of feeling creative and more beautiful than ever, the same cannot be said for removing that very same makeup at the end of the day. By the time the moment comes, you might be tired, weary, or just a little lazy, if you’re ready to put on your pajamas and settle in for a quiet night and do your skincare routine.

But just like any other part of the creative process that is wearing makeup, it’s not all about feeling your best. The most important part is its companion feeling, that of knowing you’re taking care of both your present and future self at the best of your ability: tiny but crucial details, like making sure you’re removing your makeup properly, ensure you’re primed for the next day and know you are being considerate of factors like aging, acne, sensitivity, and just your skin health as a whole. Moreover, keeping your skin healthy is an incredibly important part of maintaining your overall physical health, as your skin plays a vital role in protecting your body ––your skin is your first asset and biggest ally when it comes to leading a balanced lifestyle and fending off illnesses and viruses, so, take proper care of it!

The more you’ll enjoy the ritual, the more you’ll be eager to take your time and ensure not a drop of makeup is left on your skin before you go to bed at night, the benefits of which are endless: properly removing your makeup promotes cellular renewal by eliminating excess dead skin, stimulates circulation, reduces the risk of blemishes forming overnight, and helps prevent aging. To help you do just that, we’ve invested all our energy into bestowing our line of makeup removers, both in wipe and in cream form, with the powers of natural skincare and gentle but effective results, so that you can turn cleansing your face into just as pleasurable a moment of joy and self-care as putting on your makeup can be.

Floral Dew Care Makeup Remover Wipes

First, let’s look at our Floral Dew Care Makeup Remover Wipes: they come in two different versions, one specifically designed for your beautiful face, and another for your eyes and lips. In both cases, one single wipe is sufficient to remove all the heavy, coated, waterproof makeup you can imagine, so that you don’t have to waste any product in an effort to cleanse your perfectly sculpted face or your gorgeous and elaborate eye looks. That bold red lip you’ve had on for 12 hours, and it just won’t smudge, because it keeps to its long-lasting promise? One wipe is all you need. Guaranteed.

They’re all individually wrapped, for ease and on-the-go convenience and ready to use at any point, whether at home or while traveling. Always hygienic, always ideal. Their cloth is thick and sturdy, but the texture is as soft as a cloud, so you can ensure they won’t cause any irritation caused by repeated movement on the face, eyes, or lips. Always comfortable, always gentle. 

In the name of natural skincare, we’ve added honeysuckle essence to their formula for better nourishment of the skin, which leaves your skin feeling hydrated and supple but never tight in any way. This way, you’ll both be removing your makeup and engaging in a little bit of skincare self-care, which has been clinically proven to reduce or eliminate anxiety and reduce stress! 

Makeup Remover Cream

Then, let’s look at both our cream-based products. To create the Cordyceps Cream and the Ginseng Cream, we’ve enlisted the help of science and state-of-the-art technology: in order for it to emulsify in water and remove your makeup in one quick swoop, it’s been empowered by three-state conversion technology, which turns cream to oil and finally to lotion, or, alternatively, balm to oil to cream.

The Cordyceps Care Makeup Remover Cream is as nourishing as it is effective, with a single scoop easily and quickly removing even the heaviest waterproof makeup. With 87% plant-based oils, this holy grail product has been enriched with plant extracts from cordyceps, ginseng root, ginkgo leaves and many others, for extreme smoothness and a gentle, tender finish without any residue nor tightness. Plus, we’ve added a complimentary scoop, inspired by jade Ruyi which symbolizes good luck and happiness in traditional Chinese culture, to enhance the feeling of tuning into a ritualistic moment of self-care. 

Lastly, the Ginseng Care Makeup Remover Cream is another holy grail product for ultimate deep cleansing for your entire face. Its formula is enriched with plant extracts from ginseng root, red sage root, and snow lotus… you’ll feel as soft to the touch as a baby, and you won’t ever want to go without it! 

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