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Article: Seek the Story Behind Eastern Beasts Sculpting Makeup Palette

Florasis Eastern Beasts Sculpting Makeup Palette

Seek the Story Behind Eastern Beasts Sculpting Makeup Palette

Since mythical times, the divine beasts of the four seasons have epitomized our culture and core values guarding the eternal elements: Wood, Metal, Water and Fire – which the brand relies on when it comes to its core values.

Everlastingly foreseen as main muse to Florasis, these celestial beasts are the basis of the powerhouse' inspiration and the creation of our Chinese formulas that provide perfect harmony for a sculptural and illimitable beauty. Florasis – like the echoes of an ancient piano- will forever resonate: beauty in blossom.

Let's see the inspiration of this story

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Hailed as the most artistic makeup, it's safe to say that Florasis stands out form the crowd when it comes to creating artisanal products that are timelessly beautiful. Rivalling any colorful garden, the Eastern Beasts Sculpting Palette and the Floral Engraving Phoenix Makeup Palette duo is complete with hues along with vibrant mattes that can be applied everywhere from your cheekbones to eyelids.

Timeless and quintessential, our Blooming Rouge Love Lock Lipstick is an enduring symbol of love, essence and distinctiveness. Embroidered in a lustrous engraving of a Chinese love story, get your hands on this little artistic gem💎

Set your makeup and give your face an instant real life filter with Florasis "air powder" . This lightweight finely-milled powder creates a soft-focus effect to subtly blur the look of fine lines and imperfections.

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I would love to see a new pallet created, for cooler skin tones.
I love the uniqueness and the look of the products, they’re not only beautiful to look at but they’re really pretty on the skin. I have enjoyed every product that I’ve got so far.

Olga Barton

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