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Article: ‘Me&Florasis Story’ Contest Finale: Unveiling the 9 Winners and Their Sensational Stories

ME&Florasis Story

‘Me&Florasis Story’ Contest Finale: Unveiling the 9 Winners and Their Sensational Stories

Throughout our years of crafting art and beauty, no art or beauty takes our breath away like the tapestry of adventures that we have the honor to embark on with our lovely customers.

To be invited into your life, our dear customers, is a blessing too grand and precious for us to miss a sparkling toast. In celebration of the love for Florasis, the 'Me&Florasis Story' contest proudly presents the nine winners, who are our newest Product Experience Ambassadors and the owners of Florasis' exclusive gifts.

With nine of their remarkable stories relayed below, may you be inspired to create your own unique Florasis beauty adventure.

With nine of their remarkable stories relayed below, may you be inspired to create your own unique Florasis beauty adventure.

The 1st Story: "We have the Year of the Dragon, and I have enough Florasis products to build one."

It started with a powder compact. I bought the Setting Powder from the Impression of Dai Prestige edition because I thought the tin was so beautiful. The powder felt so good on my face that I started buying more products. This time, it was not just because of the packaging but also because of the contents. 

My lips were always very dry and chapped. The corners of my mouth burned like hell, and nothing I tried helped. I bought the  Ginseng Care Lip Balm , and it achieved what nothing else had. After the first use, the pain was gone, and after the third, my lips were healthy and still are. That's why the lip balm is my absolute favorite product from Florasis. Thank you! 

Two years ago, I bought my first powder compact. Today, we have the Year of the Dragon, and I have enough Florasis products to build one.


The 2nd Story: "I feel beautiful thanks to Florasis."

This is my first palette , and I love it. The colors spread very easily with a brush or finger. The colors are intense, and the sparkles are magnificent. You can play with the shades using either dry or wet application, as shadow, blush, or highlighter, which is great. Putting on makeup becomes so easy.

The embossing is perfectly done, just like that of the lipstick. When I saw it, I was immediately won over by its porcelain case. The texture is incredible. I also needed a concealer, and that, too, was a success. The three shades allow me to camouflage dark circles and brown spots. The product melts into the skin; it's magical. I now continue with other amazing products.


Makeup is a real pleasure for me, and I feel beautiful thanks to Florasis.

The 3rd Story: "...infusing every step of my routine with gratitude and grace."

Florasis isn't just a brand to me; it's the enchanting melody that reignited my dreams of experiencing beauty in every moment, making each day extraordinary. My journey with Florasis began with a balm, but it has since blossomed into an integral part of my life, infusing every step of my routine with gratitude and grace.


The 4th Story: " Florasis just hits different."

I don't remember exactly where I saw the products from the Dai collection for the first time, but I'll never forget the feeling. It was like falling in love at first sight. I was enthralled. Unfortunately, I had no money at that time, and after some time, I forgot the name of the brand.


Three years or so passed, and I had another encounter on IG with Florasis. Now, with money, I could afford three products, including the Dai Loose Powder (the one that made me fall in love). Soon after, I became a Florasis lover.

Florasis products are art, making me feel like I own a precious treasure, the kind that you have inherited for generations. It's important for me to notice that I'm not the kind of person that has favorite things. I don't have a favorite color or artist, but Florasis just hits different. I'm in love.

The 5th Story: "Free gifts and member offers are a real bonus. "

I am fairly new to the beautiful land of Florasis and can't believe just how wonderful this company is, from the excellent, friendly customer service to the thought and care that goes into the packaging of products, to the actual products themselves.

I love how light all the face makeup is, not to mention the beautiful artwork on products and their containers. Their lipsticks are long-lasting, and the lip care products have made a tremendous difference to the condition of my lips. Absolutely adore the smell of the perfume.


Free gifts and member offers are a real bonus. Looking forward to new products and collecting other gift sets in the future. Although more expensive than I would normally buy, they're totally worth it and will be more cost-effective in the long run, especially with free gifts and bonus buys.

The 6th Story: " I fell in love with their preciousness."

Since the very first day I encountered Florasis, I fell and have been constantly falling again in love with their products. What made me feel this deep feeling was not only their quality or their appearance (both exquisite); I fell in love with their preciousness.

It was as if each product was sealed in the most delicate case, asking for our most refined care and attention. This is something I had always sought: a brand that cared about the design, the ingredients, the case, and the packaging absolutely. Each detail was a way to make me dream, travel, be part of a story, and most importantly, create a deep and intricate relationship between me and my makeup products.


This relationship has gradually evolved from when I started using Florasis products up to today, where I have an intimate bond with my makeup.

The 7th Story: "...has been beyond my expectations."

I saw an advertisement for Florasis on Instagram, and at first, I wasn't sure if I could trust this company. I had never heard of them before, so I researched reviews, and I was impressed with how many people said it was great. I took a chance and ordered some products because I really loved the gorgeous packaging.

When I received the products, I was pleasantly surprised at the beauty of each product. The next test was how the products would perform. I have very sensitive skin with rosacea, so it was important that my skin didn't flare up. Once again, I was amazed at how good they were. I didn't get any bad reactions from any of the products.


Everything I ordered has been beyond my expectations. These products are worth every penny, and I will continue to order from Florasis.

The 8th Story: "My love was amused, and I saved Christmas."

I noticed Florasis through social media. Even though I was a guy who didn't know anything about makeup, I was still amazed by the stunning details of every single product, and the name of the brand seemed logical after browsing through.

Almost a year later, Christmas came. One thing you should know is that I’m a terrible gift giver, and people can prove my point (sadly).

At that point, I’d been wondering what I should get for my girlfriend to match her effort, but I couldn’t come up with anything. Suddenly, I remembered a palette that I’d seen. Rushing to save Christmas, I ordered it.

I still felt like it wasn’t enough, yet to my surprise, Florasis gave me a complimentary gift along with the order. To match its uniqueness, I made an origami bouquet with my scent on it. My love was amused, and I saved Christmas.


The 9th Story: "Florasis gives me the satisfaction of beauty from the inside out. "

The Nomad gifts are so attractive that they were one of the reasons why I placed my first order on and Florasis TikTok shop. I made a perfect decision, and I don't regret any of it. 

I know nothing about makeup. My sister said to start with something cheaper and work my way up. My partner said to be mindful after he said I should start. And up until now, I know for sure that I've made the right choice. Florasis gives me the satisfaction of beauty from the inside out. 

Besides the quality, it is eye-pleasing to use Florasis' products.


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