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Article: Embrace Nomadic Beauty: News About Glam Collection

Florasis Glam

Embrace Nomadic Beauty: News About Glam Collection

How Does Florasis Use Culture And Creativity To Stand Out In The C-Beauty Crowd?

In its November 2023 US print edition, Elle suggested that Hangzhou-based beauty brand Florasis, known in Chinese as Huaxizi, might be “the world’s prettiest makeup.”

Riding the C-beauty popularity wave, the brand currently ranks as Asia’s leading color cosmetics brand and a top 10 face makeup name globally.

Its new “Nomadic Glam” limited edition collection honors the nomadic lifestyle of ethnic Mongolian culture, emphasizing the richness of nature and heritage craftsmanship in a campaign that, if not “pretty,” is glamorous and spirited, and draws attention across Asia and around the world...


Glimmer Of Hope

the January 2024 print issue of INDUSTRY
the January 2024 print issue of INDUSTRY

Florasis Into The Wild Engraving Eyeshadow Palette - A standout in the cult-favorite Asian brand's nomadic collection, this high-impact eyeshadow palette with an avant-garde, 3-D printed design features versatile shades ranging from shimmery metallics to pigmented mattes to wash your lids in dynamic color.


the January 2024 print issue of INDUSTRY
the January 2024 print issue of INDUSTRY

CEW Product Watch January 2024

Florasis Nomadic Glam Into the Wild Engraving Palette - Florasis' Nomadic Glam collection includes this stunning eye shadow palette housing a septet of gold, glittery green and neutral tones. Each eye shadow is embossed with ornate 3D carvings that recall the Chinese art of engraving. The collection pays homage to China’s enchanting landscapes, according to Gabby Chen, Florasis President of Global Expansion. Each item is covered in vegan leather and adorned with artwork inspired by the traditional Ulzii pattern, symbolizing knowledge, wealth, happiness, and good karma. The Florasis Nomadic Glam collection encompasses Blooming Rouge Ultra Smooth Satin Liquid Lipstick ($30), Peony Dream Cream Blush ($30), Flawless Jade Breathable Pressed Powder ($46), Yurong Airbrushed Tinted Pressed Powder ($52), and Flawless Jade Breathable Longwear Cushion Foundation ($46). “The full collection includes skin care-forward ingredients inspired by traditional herbal wisdom,” Chen added.


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Florasis Glam
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