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États-Unis | français


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Article: 30s Removal Routine

30s Removal Routine
Behind the Product

30s Removal Routine

We know your quest for long-lasting lipsticks often results in late-night makeup smearing. For this reason, Florasis conducted a research and found the best ingredient to make your post-parties nighttime much smoother. The cosmetic label is making it a piece of cake to lift off your makeup with its latest Innovation 1+1 Floral Dew Care Makeup Remover Wipes.

The golden water-oil-based wipes glide over the skin, removing anything in its path-even water-proof mascara and long lasting lipsticks. For the first time, these wipes are destined for your face, eyes and lips and for frequent usage without causing any irritation. Locking moisture, these nifty wipes take mere seconds to rid your complexion of any pore-clogging makeup, sweat, and other impurities, and they're a simple shortcut consisting of 30-second removal technique to make your double cleansing routine go by just a bit faster. Make sure you turn your nighttime routine into a luxurious experience for a goodnight's beauty sleep.

See video for complete makeup removal steps👇️


Detach combination packet. Tear off Eye and Lip Makeup Remover Wipes and wrap around your finger. 


Gently press against the eyes for about 5 seconds. Gentle wipe with horizontal movement for mild and quick-removal


Wet wipes reverse winding. 


Gently press onto lips for about 5 seconds and gently wipe off horizontally to remove any stubborn shade. 


Tear open the facial makeup remover wipes and wrap them around your two fingers. Gently press against your face for about 10-15 seconds.  


Rinse abundantly with water.  

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