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Article: Valentine’s Makeup Inspiration - A Butterfly’s Kiss

Valentine’s Makeup Inspiration - A Butterfly’s Kiss
Makeup Tutorial

Valentine’s Makeup Inspiration - A Butterfly’s Kiss

As Valentines Day approaches, prep yourself for extra-celebratory moments filled with adventure-and maybe made to find your perfect match!

To make the occasion all the more celebratory, this Valentine's Day we have been "lovingly" inspired by the classical Chinese love story: The Butterfly Lovers. 

There is no better time than Valentine's Day to get a bit over-board, and enjoy coloring outside the lines! In order to get that perfect complexion and perfectly prep for your wildest make-up, preparing your skin is the most crucial part.   

Here's exactly how to do it…

Florasis Makeup Tutorial

First Step

A Perfect Valentine make-up begins with a cleaning and exfoliating prepping of the skin. With temperatures, this will avoid the skin to dry. Hence, moisturizing is essential. A dewy base like Yurong Dendrobium Hydrating Fluid Foundation is locked with a bucket load of moisture that is ideal on dry and combination skin types.

Enriched with 77.7% hydra-care essence to boost your skin's natural glow while covering spots and imperfections, it's a foundation that soothes and hydrates your skin in one step. It's not only the name that sounds magic. Gently blend over your face as a base for your sun-kissed bronzers and pink blushers.

2nd. Perfect your brows

Since this look focus much of its attention around the eyes, make sure your brows are perfectly defined. Whichever shade best matches your natural hair color. This brow definer helps you neaten and perfect everything from the inner corner, through your arch to the end to fill-in the gaps. Say ciao to over-plucked and hello to full, bushy brows.

3rd. Apply your eye shadow

Apply  Floral Engraving Butterfly Makeup Palette (Impression of Miao) shade 04 to a large area of the upper eyelid. Smudge the upper eyelid at the base of the lashes using Floral Engraving Butterfly Makeup Palette (Impression of Miao) in shade 07.

Florasis Makeup Tutorial

Using Soft Blooming Retractable Lip Brush dipped in Blooming Rouge Love Lock Lipstick in shade M1311 to trace the butterfly. And then using Floral Engraving Butterfly Makeup Palette (Impression of Miao) in shade 02 to flatten the tail of the butterfly. At last, use Blooming Rouge Love Lock Lipstick M1311 to make a dotted

4th. Add your lips

Our Blooming Rouge Love Lock Lipstick in shade M1311, delivers Sweet Apricot and Peach pigments in one smooth, instantly mood-boosting application with our Soft Blooming Retractable Lip Brush dot it along your cupid's bow.

Let your make up mimic truly the colors of your heart this Valentine.💖

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