The Story Of Florasis

Florasis (花西子) was born in 2017 by the West Lake (西湖) in Hangzhou, China. A powerful muse revered by poets and painters for millennia, the West Lake remains an inspiration to this day.

Since conception, we set out to explore the wisdom of traditional beauty rituals while honoring the philosophy of Chinese aesthetics. By combining cutting-edge technology with in-depth research of nourishing floral essences, our products unify makeup and skincare. A marriage of science and art, our products are a gift and legacy to inner health, outer beauty, and ancient craftsmanship.



The name

A homage to the power of the natural world and feminity, we envision a goddess standing amongst blossoming flowers. Thus, "Flora" and "Sister" became Florasis.


The logo

An icon of Chinese design. The petite window (小轩窗, xiǎo xuān chuāng) signifies our dedication to classic design, style, and balance.



Jennifer Du (杜鹃, Dù Juān)
Florasis Ambassador

Cecilia Liu (刘诗诗, Liú Shīshī)
Florasis Global Ambassador (Makeup Removers)

Bai Lu (白鹿)
Florasis Celebrity Endorser


Celebrate Tradition

Share and celebrate Chinese tradition and culture through original, innovative, and timeless products.

Always Innovate

Revolutionize the future of cosmetic science with our 5 R&D centers and 170+ patents.

Nourish with Nature

Distill the best of nature and draw inspiration from inherited beauty recipes and medicine.

Champion the Customer

Improve our products through active listening, progressive iteration, and ongoing dialogue with customers.

Strive for Better Service

From product to delivery to customer service, we strive to do better in every domain with every release.

Do Good, Do More

Fulfill our responsibility to aid those in need. Whether it's preserving cultural heritage, providing relief, or more.

An Ode to Heritage and Artistry

Ancient Lock Wood Carving Miao's Silver Forging Techniques Ceramic Series

Ancient Locks

Xiang Yonglin

Locksmith of Ancient Lock Repairing Techniques

Co-creator of the Florasis Love Lock Lipstick

Wood Carving

Du Jufang

Master of Wood Carving

Co-creator of Florasis embossed makeup palettes

Miao's Silver Forging Techniques

Long Taiyang

Master Silversmiths of Miao's Silver Forging Techniques

Co-creator of the Florasis Impression of Miao Series

Ding Kiln White Porcelain Reproduction

Wang Xiaodan

Ceramic Artist

Co-creator of the Florasis Impression of Ceramics Series


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Florasis Launches a 5-Year Eastern Beauty R&D Plan

with over RMB 1 billion investment


The Florasis Atelier

Chinese beauty explored, reimagined, and shared.

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