The Apsara Goddess in You

Unleash the inner beauty goddess in you as you inlduge in a fantasy-approved make-up look. 

For a quick beauty history throwback, the apsaras are celestial dancers first mentioned in "The Monasteries of Luoyang" who inspired great artists in the Tang dynasty.

Inspired by the Apsara, this make up look merges together an enchanting palette and a petal-soft touch to exude instant radiance. 

Base Makeup

base makeup

Apply a generous amount of foundation directly onto your face or using a foundation sponge on your hand. Dip a brush into the powder and sweep the entire face to set the makeup and create an even complexion.

✨Product used: Dim Sum Blend-All Makeup Sponge

Yurong Dendrobium Hydrating Fluid Foundation

Eyebrow Makeup 

eyebrow makeup

As this look focuses the attention up at eye level, make sure your brows are perfectly defined.

 ✨Product used: Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Define Pencil

【Eyeshadow Makeup

eyeshadow makeup

Step 1: Dip the Brush into the matte copper shadow 07 in our Engraving Phoenix Makeup Palette. Take the shade 06 into the back 1/2 of the upper eyelid, and fill-in the lower lid with a shimmer shine using the remaining of the powder.

eyeshadow makeup

Step 2: Blend a mixture of shades 01 and 03 at the eyelash extension to add depth to the upper eye. Continue while smudging to the center of the upper eyelid. Draw directly under the lash line using shade 01. Apply shade 02 from the center to the middle of the eye.

eyeshadow makeup

Step 3: Draw a natural eyeliner along the base of the lashes. Curl the lashes and brush until they are well defined.

 ✨Product used:  Floral Engraving Phoenix Makeup Palette

Soft Blooming 5-Piece Brush Set 

Pine Soot Precise Define Eyeliner

【Cheek Makeup】

check makeup
Dip the blush in and slowly swirl the blush from the temples to under the eyes. Apply lightly Dew Blush above the eyelids and the tip of the nose.

✨Product used: Floral Dew Care Cream-to-Powder Blush 

【Trim Makeup】

trim makeup
Contour the jawline, under the cheekbones and on the sides of the nose.

✨Product used: Moonlight Dancing Sculpting Contour Palette

Lip Makeup

lip makeup
Use Rouge Porcelain Lipstick to create the M-shape of the upper lips then swipe the rouge in a sleek movement across your whole pout.

 ✨Product used: Blooming Rouge Porcelain Lipstick💄

The Apsaras were often illustrated and seen with high hair buns and soft bodies in graceful postures. Adorned in bright ribbons and brocades with unique and vibrant patterns, Apsaras embody the beauty of traditional Chinese identity.

You are all set for heart-stopping moments that bring back a hint of nostalgia to the mind and sets our souls on fire.

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Exquisite……by far the most beautiful cosmetics ever. I am so looking forward to what Florasis will be serving us in the future!

Traci P. May 11, 2022

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