The Ultimate Tender Loving Care, Exquisitely Packaged

Feeling gorgeous is not only about the makeup you wear, but the way you feel when you surround yourself with beautiful things that spark joy. It’s about treating yourself with small indulgences that make grand differences, and our Impression of Dai - Prestige Edition does just that.

Florasis Beauty

Meticulously designed with attention to every detail, we've worked passionately to imagine, design, and perfect this limited-edition, prestige collection. Our intricately designed packages hold more than our elixir-like, Four Quadrants beauty formula: their embossed metallic encasing will spark admiration and make an elegant addition to any vanity table.

With pieces that look and feel like works of art, every detail, gold finish, jewel, and decorative engraving is perfected with you in mind.

Available with the limited release is our Blooming Rouge Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick M140 Phoenix.  This lipstick draws inspiration from the silk-watered gauze of China. It contains our Four Quadrants formula enriched with peony and multiflora rose to nourish your lips, delivering a highly saturated color and long-lasting finish. Its jewel-encrusted packaging is inspired by the neck jewelry worn by the Dai people, making this lipstick a beauty must-have.


Blooming Rouge Long-lasting Liquid Lipstick
M140 Phoenix


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Also included in the collection is our Floral Essences Balancing Fitting Foundation Z25 True Beige.  It comes in an elegant bottle decorated with a delicate peacock pattern and features a metal ornament on the neck. This ultra-fine foundation delivers the ultimate airbrushed look giving you a natural glow this party season.


Floral Essences Balancing Fitting Foundation
Z25 True Beige (Neutral)


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Truly a labour of love, this Prestige Edition is a collaborative union of color and craftmanship between Florasis and the connoisseur of Chinese craftsmanship, Yuan Changjun. Yuan chose the peacock as the key visual for the Impression of Dai series, a nod to both the spiritual totem of the Dai people and the beautiful, bold and confident spirit he wants to evoke in all who wear it.

Impressions of Dai Edition - Prestige Edition as available to buy from 22-30 November only. Discover the wonders of this collection and don't miss your chance to get your hands on this limited edition range as a perfect treat for you or a loved one.

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