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United States
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Article: The Season of Giving has Begun

The Season of Giving has Begun
Behind the Product

The Season of Giving has Begun

Experiment with Color for a #DiversifiedMe  using our ‘Impressions of Dai’ Collection  

Xishuangbanna is the only tropical rainforest reserve in China where abundant vegetation, agile wild creatures, and a thousand-year-old culture reside. This is the backdrop to our latest collection: a collection that celebrates the ancient Dai culture and balances its people's philosophy with Florasis' modern R&D technology.   

This limited-edition elegant new range pays homage to Dai culture and includes local floral ingredients from the magical lands in which they live to create a stunning make-up style.  Its presentation is inspired by the wild peacock that is both the Dai people's totem and shares their land.

In developing this 'Impression of Dai' Collection, we've worked with industry experts to create a deep and dynamic beauty, both inside and out. Each product skillfully combines the flamboyance of the peacock and the natural herbal essences of the evergreen rainforest, with exceptional craftsmanship to promote the spiritual beauty of the Dai people.

We believe that beauty blooming in diversity is the rarest and encourage you to experiment with color with this collection. Embrace both your wild and elegant side to create diversified looks.

Unravel a stunning beauty evolution with the heritage, spirit, and flamboyance of Dai.

Beauty and elegance, from the inside out.

The inside: The innovative Four Quadrants Formula TM developed by Florasis and the Academy of TCM Beauty Supplements is a key ingredient in select products within this collection. The Four Quadrants Formula contains four flower essences from the Dai rainforest to soothe the skin.

These four ingredients complement each other and work together to create an antioxidant effect and leave skin feeling moisturized.

The outside: The peacock is the primary design motif selected to mirror Dai's peacock totem and evoke the peacock's spirit within. When a peacock spreads its tail feathers, it is the epitome of beauty; it is striking, confident, and bold - it is precisely how we want our customers to feel with every application.

Take a peek - product preview.

Blooming Rouge Love Lock Lipstick (Impression of Dai)

 Design Inspiration: The love lock that surrounds this lipstick and the delicate peacock feathers engraved onto it are both a symbol of romance in Eastern culture and of beauty for the people of Dai. Florasis joined hands with the Master of traditional Chinese crafts, Yuan Changjun when crafting the ornate case, which uses modern craftsmanship to highlight the romanticism and charm of Dai.

Floral Engraving Forest Aura Makeup Palette (Impression of Dai)

Product Inspiration: This makeup palette is as rare and as extraordinary as the people of Dai. It combines eyeshadow, blush, and a highlighter in a single compact for ultimate versatility. Rainforest hues sit alongside the colors found in peacock feathers together with catwalk trends in this exclusive set. Eight colors can be matched freely as an eyeshadow or a few color blocks as a blush.

Fairy Peach Blossom Pressed Powder (Impression of Dai)

Design Inspiration: This compact is inspired by the cultural symbols of the Dai people and has been created using the filigree technique. Inside you will find engraved pressed powder with three-dimensional miniature patterns derived from Dai art. 

Luodai Foral Eyebrow Define Powder Pencil (Impression of Dai)

Product Inspiration: What is a powder pencil? It is a fine pen to outline and feels as smooth and soft as powder. It is a brand-new category, an undefined eyebrow product to draw the lines of eyebrows with a downy effect.

Yurong Water Lily Cushion CC Cream (Impression of Dai)

Design Inspiration: This CC cream is wrapped in a unique ornament inspired by Dai art. The formula contains moisturizing amino acids and is enriched with floral essences to moisturize your skin and deliver a seamless finish without caking.

  Fairy Peach Blossom Ultra-Light Setting Powder (Impression of Dai)

Design Inspiration: Inspired by filigree jewelry, the peacock totem, and featuring a unique ornament, this setting powder is a tribute to exquisite Dai art. Delicate craftsmanship is used to bring modern beauty to a traditional form.

The Season of Giving has Begun. Win a Free Order

For your chance to win a free order from this stunning collection (capped at $2000), add your favorite products to your wish list, make the payment, and our lucky draw will then determine who whose order is free.

On Thanksgiving, Thursday 25th November, we will announce the lucky winner on our community channels and social media. We will also contact the winner via email.  

 Good luck:)


I am so happy that I discovered Florasis!! Not only is the packaging beautiful, but more importantly – it makes me feel more beautiful to use the products. Also, I have now turned my mom onto the products and she and I can have another thing in common!!



OMG – just received my order and not only was it well packaged and arrived in perfect condition, but as everyone else is commenting – JUST GORGEOUS!!! I am so impressed and this is coming from a girl that has an entire room decicated to her makeup!! I am not even a blogger. THANK YOU for sharing this collection with us. Several years ago, I had the pleasure of touring Beijing and if this would have been available I would have had to buy a new suitcase to bring everything home.
Thank you again for this collection.


very nice


OMG!! I cant get my eyes of it. I ordered the lipstick for my sister on September and she absolutely adores it she takes it everywhere and treats with so much care (its soooo pretty and got many intricate details)💖


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