Behind Blue Line

She is like a beauty, with her thin eyebrows and intelligent eyes, walking out of a white-and-blue porcelain vase.

Florasis Makeup | Behind Blue Line

This icy, shimmering baby blue eyeshadow inspired by goes back to years of Chinese heritage of white and blue porcelain artistry. Florasis takes you on this step-by step guide into Chinese eye makeup artsitry that pays hommage of past treasures.

For a little history round-up, blue and white porcelain, first appeared in the Tang Dynasty and emerged in the Yuan Dynasty.

It was in the fifteenth century during the age of discovery that the production and innovation of blue-and-white porcelain soared greatly. Blue and white porcelain broadened Chinese people's horizons, as the various themes included images from different cultures. In turn, blue and white porcelain also influenced Chinese aesthetics, with popular blue and white porcelain elements being applied to many products.

The age of discovery also changed people's aesthetics regard porcelain from valuing high the celadon to treasuring blue-and-white porcelain and promoting the transmission of Eastern culture.

The road of porcelain trade connected the Chinese to the rest of the global market. Thanks to the culture's pottery excellence in both pragmatic and artistic terms, the technique gradually replaced pottery in the ceramic history owning up its name to its country of origin: China.


Bonjour j’aimerais tant avoir ses couleurs. Ses couleurs sont uniques comme toutes les autres palettes.
Guylaine bonne journée

Guylaine Gendron February 07, 2023

Her look may be construed as “simple” to many…….but I find it as if she were a piece of artwork! It’s as tho she’s telling a story…. I find this so appealing to the eye, magical!

Traci P. May 11, 2022

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