Soft Blooming Velour Powder Puff

$15.00 USD


Soft Blooming Velour Powder Puff

Fluffy And Soft

$15.00 USD

Velvet touch, Soft and comfortable

1. Design:Inspired by the Chinese Kingfisher feather art, the powder puff storage case is both beautiful and functional.

2. Material: The puff features double-faced flocking, making it fluffy and soft as velvet. It will bring you joy with each use.

3. Color: The unique dark cyan design makes it easy for you to control the amount of powder you use.

4. User Experience: The dense and fine flocking promotes powder adherence. Gently pat the puff to release powder evenly, creating a natural look.

5. Maintenance: Clean with puff cleaner on a regular basis.

Step 1: Prep an appropriate amount of setting powder with the puff.
Step 2: Press the powder puff gently onto the back of your hand to remove any excess powder.
Step 3: Gently pat the powder puff on your face to release powder evenly, creating a natural look.

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