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Stream Of Youth Set

Stream Of Youth Set



Stream Of Youth Set

Complimentary Gifts Worth $90

Sale price $174.00 USD Regular price$307.00 USD
Stream Of Youth Set
Stream Of Youth Set Sale price$174.00 USD Regular price$307.00 USD



A high-performing set to preserve and enhance her timeless beauty, full of OGP's exclusive blend of ≥99% Purity Copper Peptides for matchless revitalizing and rejuvenating action. Lightning-absorbency, ultra-enriched, and clinically proven, the OGP's Active Peptides formula is dedicated to satiating the desire for hassle-free, efficacious beauty rituals. Crafted with sensitive-skin focus, the set is the perfect gateway for every complexion to enter a firmer, brighter, and smoother era.

Set includes:
OGP Activate Peptides Energize Double Essence
OGP Activate Peptides Revitalizing Saturating Serum
OGP Activate Peptides Energize Repair Cream

Complimentary gifts:
OGP Activate Peptides Repairing Mask *3
OGP Activate Peptides Revitalizing Saturating Serum (5ml)*2
Florasis Oriental Beauty Hair Ribbon
Makeup Pouch

Gift with purchase is not available for specific gifts & sets of products.



What your skin craves after long hours in the sun, what your complexion is depleted of after sleepless nights, the OGP Activate Peptides Energize Double Essence has all to offer, and more.

Banish redness, dullness, rough texture, and fine lines at once with this enriched biphase skincare featuring soothing factors, conditioning ingredients, and OGP's exclusive ≥99% purity Copper Peptides complex. Formulated with the beautiful ratio of 95:5 water-to-oil, this essence envelopes the skin in its optimal moisture state, creating the finest healing cocoon for the impaired, drab complexion to repair and revive from lifestyle & time damage without the weighted, greasy feel.

With proprietary fluid mechanics, OGP Activate Peptides Energize Double Essence is a champion of speed and in-depth performance. Delivering immediate performance with long-lasting effect, the essence offers deep hydration and nourishment for instant irritation relief, refreshing suppleness that lasts all day, and unmatched fine lines repair and prevention.

Net Weight: 118ml



Revolutionize your age-defying routine with the extraordinary power of ≥99% purity Copper Peptides. A youth elixir distilled in a bottle, the OGP Activate Peptides Revitalizing Saturating Serum is packed with high-performing agents of collagen promoter, firmness enhancer, and wrinkle diffuser.

With a base of the finest skin-calming hydrators, the serum is the more effortless way for irritation-prone skin to explore rejuvenation without the trouble of side effects like flakiness, redness or sun sensitivity. In protection of such precious formula, this concentrated skincare is cased in a vessel as remarkable and innovative as its content. The specialized vacuum-sealed bottle design provides the ultimate protection against oxidation and light for the freshest, most stable Peptides.

Liberate your skin from red discomforts and dullness of aging skin with OGP Activate Peptides Revitalizing Saturating Serum to unveil your firmer, plumper, and brighter complexion.

Net Weight: 30ml



A delectable spread of skin-indulging cream, OGP Activate Peptides Energize Repair Cream is the sublime hybrid of richly nourishing wrinkle care and weightless hydration booster. With the exclusive Dual Factor technology, the cream is devised with superior absorbency caliber, allowing opulent nourishment to take deep dives into the skin as it glides, leaving a weightless, silky finish.

The skincare's concentrated formula harnesses the stellar power of the proprietary complex of ≥99% purity Copper Peptides - along with other robust wrinkle-defying peptides - to correct existing wrinkles, prevent the formation of new ones, and promote a luminous, resilient complexion.

Replenish the youthful vitality of your earlier years with OGP Activate Peptides Energize Repair Cream for a vigorous recovery of smoothness and radiance quality. Amplify the process in your beauty sleep with a thin layer of the cream, and experience a finer, firmer, and more even skin tone on waking.

Net Weight: 50g

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