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Color Obsession Set

Color Obsession Set



Color Obsession Set

Complimentary Gifts Worth $50

Sale price $189.00 USD Regular price$243.00 USD

Sunset Orange: Perfect for a stunning vintage look; Engraved with story of White Snake and Xu Xian

Exclusive Bundle Gifts

Color Obsession Set Gifts

$50.00 USD
Color Obsession Set
Color Obsession Set Sale price$189.00 USD Regular price$243.00 USD



Dimension, depth, and dazzling colors in vibrant harmony. From sculpted cheeks and bold lips to captivating eyes inspired by a summer phoenix, Color Obsession is for those who seek joy in creativity and luxuriate in multidimensional color.

Set includes:
Eastern Beasts Sculpting Makeup Palette
Blooming Rouge Love Lock Lipstick
Flawless Jade Breathable Setting Powder
Floral Engraving Phoenix Makeup Palette

Complimentary gifts:
Botanical Hydra-Soothe Balancing Cleansing Oil (15ml)
Flawless Jade Breathable Setting Powder 05 Lavender (3g)
Floral Essence Eastern Lingering Perfume - Listening to Orioles by the Willow Bank (1.8ml)
Double-Sided Velvet Puff
Soft Blooming Eyeshadow Brush
Soft Blooming Highlighter Brush
Eastern Jade Dressing Case

Gift with purchase is not available for specific gifts & sets of products.


From the origin story of the Phoenix - "All Birds Pay Homage to the Phoenix," comes a 9-shade mesmeric palette collection that ignites your creativity exuberance.

Ascend your artistry to heaven's height with these gorgeous pigment pans animated to life with stunning engraving masterpieces of the Chinese Phoenix. Once the pigment lands on the skin, you'll find all your senses elated as the powder effortlessly glides and decadent colors materialize.

Crafted with the most refined particles, the palette's finish is nothing less than a silky magnificence, embracing your skin like the most extravagant chiffon. Enriched with Pearl Powder and nourishing botanicals, the formula feeds a natural glow and resilient base to the skin for non-patchy applications and long-lasting wear, giving dry-mature skin a vibrant freshness that holds up all day.

With the eternal adaptability of the Phoenix at its heart, each palette comprises versatile shades and finishes for all purposes, serving looks from daily wear to glam mode effortlessly.

For whichever rendition of Phoenix's beauty you want to create, you'll have plenty of hues to play with from the 3 versions of Phoenix palette - Gold Brown, Retro Brown, and Soaring Sunlight.


Gold Brown Palette
1. Peacock - Dark Cyan Glitter
2. Canary -  Bronze Marmalade
3. Warbler - Matte Medium Beige
4. Thrush - Rose Gold Satin Luster
5. Phoenix - Gold Tinted Scarlet
6. Egret - Pinkish White Shimmer
7. Swan - Matte Terracotta
8. Finch - Maroon Bronze
9. Swallow - Matte Cinnamon

Retro Brown Palette
1. Martin Plume  -Matte Dark Brown
2. Heron Plume - Matte Red Earth
3. Lark Plume - Gold Tinted Coral Brown
4. Golden Weaver Plume - Peach Champagne
5. Santal Phoenix Plume - Matte Red Coral
6. Reedling Plume - Matte Pink Coral
7. Reed Warbler Plume - Gold Tinted Dusty Brown
8. Cuckoo Plume - Bronze Terracotta
9. Bush Warbler Plume - Matte Warm Brown

Soaring Sunlight Palette
1. Luan Feather - Spearmint Glitter
2. Nightingale - Matte Mauve Purple
3. Whistling Thrush -  Lilac Glitter
4. Egret - Champagne Glitter
5. Golden Phoenix - Shell Coral Gold
6. Silver Heron - Mid-Tone Silver Glitter
7. Dusky Warbler - Matte Tan
8. Brown-Headed Gull - Matte Dark Brown
9. Swinhoe’s Pheasant - Royal Blue Luster


A lock is a mystery beckoning, while at times, an ec ho of the treasure it hides. Florasis' Love Lock is a harmony of both, carrying Chinese master locksmiths' secrets and the reflection of life's most precious treasure - unbreakable love. Once opened, each Florasis Blooming Rouge Love Lock Lipstick reveals to you a whimsical portrayal of ancient Chinese most celebrated love stories, engraved by the exquisite skills and devotion of our local artisans.

A creation made with passion and love through and through, this lipstick cherishes not only what the eyes can see, but also what the lips can feel. Harnessing the properties of Cotton Rose and Madonna Lilly from ancient Eastern beauty journals, the lipstick's formula is devised to soften lip lines and add luster, enveloping your lips in a gleaming, satin veil that stands unyielding to dryness and transfer all day. Behold the magical moment of blooming flowers as your lips put on the Blooming Rouge Love Lock Lipstick and flourish into vibrant petals, brilliant, tantalizing, and luscious.

A delectable rich rouge embellished with a gorgeous cover, this lipstick shall be your trusted head-turner and phenomenal conversation starter. With this lipstick, we wish you luck in love, and may it blossom beautifully into unbreakable bonds.

*Lipstick shades may vary due to a number of factors including but not limited to monitor resolution settings, lighting, skin tone, etc.

A Constellation of Beasts to Sculpt Ethereal and Defined Looks

An Ancient Art Meets Four Mythical Beasts
The stunning art of three-dimensional relief engraving meets the four auspicious beasts: Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird and Black Tortoise. The legendary guardians of the eternal elements and representatives of the four seasons. The Four Beasts evoke a sense of elegance with every application.

A 4-in-1 Palette for Every Dimension
Compact in every sense and highly multi-functional, this palette contours, highlights, blushes, and works as eyeshadow. 4 essential shades composed of rich shimmer and sueded matte textures that you can use dry or wet to emphasize your features and craft limitless looks.

Silky Soft and Extra Fine
Enriched with botanical extracts of peony, calendula and moisturizing ingredients, this microfine powder blends seamlessly and evenly with zero fallout. The formula forms long-lasting color payoff with a smooth sensation that delivers a bold, buildable pigment.

Explore More at Our Blog: Achieve Year-round Radiance



The Golden Ratio
Our golden particle ratio for the ultimate setting powder: one part oil-absorbing, nine parts translucent and light diffusing. Finely milled for a sensorial second-skin feel, blur pores and smooth your complexion with each application.

Non-Comedogenic and Skin Loving
With extracts of moisturizing white waterlily and raspberry and blackcurrant leaves for sebum control, this talc-free powder stays gentle on sensitive skin and supports skin health over time.

Silky Smooth and Jade Fine
Infused with breathable silk protein powder and shine-controlling jade nephrite powder, each pan is baked at a low temperature for 24 hours. When applied, it glides over skin with minimal fallout for an almost undetectable soft matte finish.

Sweat and Waterproof
A specialized X-COAT technology process coats each particle for improved staying power, moisture retention, and transfer resistance. A high-performance powder for every season, your look stays locked in rain or shine.

A Powder For Every Need
Snow - A pale yellow powder ideal for fair skin. Enhanced with subtle shimmer for gentle radiance.
Mist - A translucent powder that flatters all complexions with a flawless, even finish.
Lavender - The invisible color corrector to brighten sallow tones and add subtle radiance.
Rosy - A light-medium powder with a neutral rosy undertone to neutralize green tones.
Amber - A medium powder with a warm sandy undertone.
Ocher - A medium-deep powder with a warm blush undertone.

Secure Anti-Spill Design
Simply twist the lid counterclockwise before pressing your puff into the flexible mesh to evenly release the powder for precise application.

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