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United States
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Article: Witness the revolution of anti-aging with OGP


Witness the revolution of anti-aging with OGP

Florasis's exploration of Eastern beauty in the modern realm has expanded its horizon into dermatology, made possible with the sister brand, OGP. A brand standing for the principles of Osmosis - Growth - Purity in anti-aging care, OGP has been recognized by peers and customers for their high-performing creations, ceaseless advances, and robust formulations, ranking them as the top pioneer of China's skin rejuvenation industry. Since their establishment in 2016, 2024 marks the year OGP first ventured into international lands , delivering their hero creations of at-home clinical treatments closer to the Western audience.


The process of skin aging comes in many manners, posing the challenge of multifaceted approaches to defy and rewind it. To that, OGP's response comes in two forms: beauty devices and skincare, offering synergy masterwork to comprehensively heal time traumas on the skin.

Since their early years in the industry, OGP has been ahead of the curve with 130+ patents for anti-aging solutions. The brand's renowned success owes greatly to their much collaborative research with China's top hospitals and tech institutions for clinical data of 200,000 Chinese women varied in region, season, age, and skin condition. All were collected with the dynamic precision of AI analysis.

The great, diverse research allows OGP to study and create products with customizable settings and features that serve an inclusive range of global users. A representative instance would be the coveted OGP's smart RF (radio frequency) device, which is strategically designed with AI sensors to detect the user's skin condition and suggest fitting treatment courses accordingly.


The R&D department of OGP is made up of over 10,000 square meters of scientific research and innovation platforms, covering five beauty and cosmetic studies: Consumer Research, Cosmetics Science and Technology Innovation, Human Skin and Bioelectronics Research, Industrial Design and CMF Research, Aesthetics and Space Innovation. This mega-hub is facilitated by cutting-edge equipment to accommodate robust innovation capabilities that serve the global's ever-growing beauty needs.

Five Beauty and Cosmetic Studies

The facility population includes over 200 R&D talents from Optoelectronic Engineering, Dermatology, Cosmetic Science, Military Technology, and Intelligent Algorithmsworking as two cooperative research departments of intelligent instruments and functional skin care.

The fruit of this massive investment? OGP now owns 90+ beauty device patents and 40+ skincare ones. It is the first and only Chinese beauty device brand to obtain efficacy certification from the esteemed West China Hospital, taking the lead in completing clinical trial registration among other stiff competitions in the local scene.


On their course of anti-aging solutions, OGP is accompanied by many brilliant minds from China in the sphere of cosmetics, technology, dermatology, and biology. All gathered and propelled by the fascination to the ultimate map to skin healing and rejuvenation, each bringing breakthroughs and novel insights into their respective studies. Namely,

  • OGP's work with the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology has created a first-of-its-kind simulation evaluation method for the efficacy of  radio-frequency  beauty devices.
  • The brand project with Xi'an Jiaotong University explores the extent of microcurrent therapy 's effect on the human skin's anti-aging process.
  • OGP's joint lab with Beijing Technology and Business University (Dermatology department ) is a specialized hub for studying the skin aging mechanism of women aged 22-56.
  • Working with Zhejiang University , OGP investigates the noninvasive transdermal mechanisms of complex liquids, integrating the scientific and technological achievements of fluid mechanics  into skincare formulations.

This wealth of knowledge has given OGP the exclusive prowess to devise unrivaled at-home treatments that tackle aging skin symptoms with high-impact healing, calming, and firming effects packaged into a seamless experience.


In an initiative to unlock the ultimate potential of peptides in anti-aging, OGP launches the Copper Peptides and the Active Peptides Empowering series. The  OGP Activate Peptides Repairing Mask  from the latter lineup being the first to greet audiences beyond China's border.

Discovered within the natural composition of human blood during the revolutionary study of Copper Peptides, the trailblazing biochemist Dr. Pickart found the blue Copper Peptides GHK-Cu to have extraordinary ability in wound healing and repairing light-damaged DNA. Copper Peptides can engage with both the outer and inner layers of the skin, boosting collagen production, enhancing skin elasticity, and promoting the skin's innate repair mechanism. This earned them the fittingly named title of the 'Collagen engine,' making them one of the elite aging skin defiances. 

With ≥99% purity Copper Peptides as the key ingredient, the Active Peptides Empowering series not only harnesses such power but amplifies it to deliver swift wrinkle smoothing and effortless brightening action into women's daily beauty rituals. The OGP Activate Peptides Repairing Mask has been proven to be true to the claim with an independent clinical trial, completing the test with glowing records after 28 days of usage.


The OGP Activate Peptides Repairing Mask is available to order right here, right now. Experience a state-of-the-art mask treatment to reveal your most youthful, radiant skin yet.

Sign up for our email subscription today to acquire this sublime mask with an exclusive deal, and be ahead of collecting the complete set of Active Peptides Empowering lineup once it lands.

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