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Article: Winter Wonders: 6 Makeup Looks Inspired By The 6 Winter Solar Terms


Winter Wonders: 6 Makeup Looks Inspired By The 6 Winter Solar Terms

Swift, crisp, hinted with frosty mist, goes the cold wind to woven the tapestry of winter and snow. When the wheel of 24 solar terms turns past autumn, the nature of winter flourishes its many marvelous wonders - the plush snow carpet, the shimmering rain of snowflakes, and enchanting ice castles. It's the season for you to flaunt your light and glamour, embracing the beauty of winter with your unique twist.

As you explore the seasonal look that speaks to you, allow us to present our takes on the winter solar terms makeup for your inspiration.

 *A refresher on the wisdom of Chinese 24 solar terms

Winter Commences

The first winter solar term - Lì Dōng  (立冬) - is signaled by the whistling sounds of northerly winds. During this time, alongside added layers and coats, the Chinese reach for friends and fam's hot pot gathering to chase away the chillsWhile home kitchen and food vendors bloom with guests crowded around circle tables, trades for red hot spices busy the market, lighting up the winter's greying ambiance.

The camellia - with its delicate, oval petals nestled together into a vibrant blossom - captures wholly the season's wispy warmth breaths suspended in cold air, the wholesomeness of dear get-togethers, and the brightness of hotly spiced dishes. The Lì Dōng makeup manifests the camellia's beauty in this look of pouty, deletable lips dressed in the reddish tints of the Flawless Jade Shine Liquid Lipstick.

Florasis Makeup
Winter Commences
Florasis Makeup
Winter Commences

Light Snow

After Lì Dōng, comes Xiǎo xuě (小雪), the term of light snowfall. The front-row seat for a magical snow show lies in Northern China, as it's the country's first region to catch the first snow. As icy crystals and shimmering snowflakes dance their enchanted waltz, descending and melting on the hair of spectators, the urge to embrace our loved ones in such tender manners ascends.

For the intimate yearning and the romance Xiǎo xuě ignited, the deservedly representative flora is the rose. The Xiǎo xuě makeup look embodies the rose's passionate nature with a spirited color blend of pink, orange, and yellow of the flower's varieties, painted on the smooth silk of Fairy Peach Blossom Pressed Powder (Porch Window Edition) dyed skin.

Florasis Makeup
Light Snow
Florasis Makeup
Light Snow

Heavy Snow

When the snow casts heavy blankets throughout vast land and frozen lakes, it's the Dà Xuě (大雪) term. While the harsh snow and frosty weather of Dà Xuě drive most of nature to warmer refuge, the Cymbidium orchid manages not only to withstand but thrive tall and proud, greeting winter with blossoms in abundance on its thin sword stem. With every blooming season, the orchid shows that its characters are true to all the Chinese prose and poems, a noble symbol of beauty, self-mastery, and integrity. All the traits needed for one to stand against adversity, as with the bitter winter. 

The Dà Xuě makeup celebrates the beauty of the Cymbidium orchid with brows sharp and slender as the orchid's shape, arching over a spread of sparkly snow on the pristine canvas of Floral Essences Balancing Fitting Foundation tinted complexion.

Florasis Makeup
Heavy Snow
Florasis Makeup
Heavy Snow

Winter Solstice

Dōng Zhì  (冬至) marks the halfway point of winter. This term is recognized by the howling of snowstorms and sharp temperature decline. In the Northern Hemisphere, the nights stretch longer and the days shorten into their own respective extreme records, and the golden sunlight became a scarce indulgence. Against all odds, the wintersweet flower blooms brilliantly, cutting through the wintery darkness with its beam of yellow petals. A reminder of resilience and hope even in times of dull fortune and challenge. 

The wintersweet's vigorous spirit is reimagined in this fierce Dōng Zhì lookFor the makeup is highlighted by bold eye accents, the vibrant Floral Engraving Phoenix Makeup Palette is the perfect tool to emulate this distinctive effect.

Florasis Makeup
Winter Solstice
Florasis Makeup
Winter Solstice

Minor Cold

Xiǎo Hán  (小寒) signifies the emergence of the coldest winter days, and the ultimate time to visit the Harbin Ice Festival. The Harbin Ice Festival is winter wonderland and ice city intertwined, here lies giant castles straight out of storybooks as well as glistening skyscrapers and colossal snow sculptures, all wrapped in a grand illuminated maze of ice spectacles beyond your wildest dreams. Every year, travelers from around the globe come to Harbin for a chance to behold magic on earth, crowning the event one of the nation's most prized jewels. 

Regarded as the lighthouse guiding good luck and prosperity to the new spring with its flowers of white and yellow, the narcissus perfectly represents Xiǎo Hán's festive spirit and light-snow marvel. The Xiǎo Hán look translates the flower's cheeriness into sweet feminine, animated makeup, locked in motion by the Flawless Jade Breathable Setting Powder.

Florasis Makeup
Minor Cold
Florasis Makeup
Minor Cold

Major Cold

The final winter solar term is Dà Hán (大寒) . It's during this time that the Laba festival is celebrated. On the eighth day of the 12th lunar month, people made the hearty, multi-grain Laba porridge as an offer to their ancestors, praying for their blessings toward a healthy, prosperous new year.
With spring following fast after Dà Hán Chinese households are bustling with cleaning, furnishing, and decorating to prepare for spring's arrival. The plum blossom - symbolic of good health and new hope - is often placed as the centerpiece, lifting the spirits of those worn by the frosty winter with its sweet fragrance and lively colors.
Let your beauty blossom brightly this season with the Fairy Peach Blossom Ultra-light Setting Powder (Porch Window Edition) as your instrument for a silky, flawless, delicate-as-petals complexion.
Florasis Makeup
Major Cold

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