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Article: We Woke Up… FLAWLESS!

Florasis Flawless Jade Breathable Pressed Powder
Behind the Product


The Flawless Jade Breathable Pressed Powder by Florasis is a matte finish powder that has flawlessly surpassed all beauty codes by providing wondrous results for what's most important in your whole body: your face.

Florasis yet again transcends all beauty boundaries and stays ahead of the curve doing an excellent job at research and development to improve our beauty items, ripen new ingredients that fit your skin's concerns and create cult products that are both timeless and irreplaceable.

For a 24h unblemished and mattified complexion with a 12h shine control and buildable coverage, comes this latest innovation baked from organic leaves of blackcurrant and raspberry: rich in polyphenols to control sebum oxidation and to sooth and reduce acne and sensitivity.

A unique talc-free and natural formula made of delicate silk protein powder that sets makeup and gives the complexion a subtle, velvety glow and a silk feel with no powdery or creasing effect. In one instant, this setting powder gives an absolute mat finishing without brilliance. A light coverage with long lasting features for a natural and luminous finish all daywear.

The groundbreaking procedure uses ultra-finely milled powders that feel lightweight on the skin allowing it to breathe with natural makeup finish after touch-ups. For that Florasis is renowned in its Zircon milling method where ultra-fine powder is selected after long hours of milling, then being deposited for 100 hours and screening, to finally be as light as air, feel breathable and have 95.8% light transmittance for natural makeup finish after touch-ups.

Infused with white water Lily extract and nourishing natural ingredients inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) White water lily extract, the cushion setting powder respects the skin and improves the quality of your complexion thanks to its moisturizing, anti-oxidant and long-lasting finish. We know you are waiting to hear it but of course, the best skin experts dermatologically tested it and it is delightfully non-comedogenic. The pressed powder is perfect for on the go: its compact case features an intricate handmade embroidery lid for makeup that is both practical and haute couture.

When you've spent a good amount of time on your make-up, there's nothing worse than seeing it melt away on warm days or be left streaky by your leaky water bottle. The Flawless Jade Breathable Pressed Powder turns foundation and concealer waterproof with its high-tech formula which comprises of 1:9 golden particle size ratio: one small particle size encompasses eight microns in oil absorption structure while nine large particle size: encompasses 10 microns in extremely thin and breathable structure to reveal natural glow, for an even effortless application for the area under the eyes.

The weightless texture blurs pores and imperfections, keeping moisture out without dulling your natural radiance. Smooth to the touch and firm, its balanced texture and round shape are primed for controlled pick-up and application, making blending a dream.

Used with the rest of your favorite Florasis makeup its 40% more oil-absorbing with a 2:8 golden ratio allowing an exceptional 24h faultless complexion due to two exceptionally oil-absorbing powders that absorb 3-4 times its own weight of oil.

While artists have paintbrushes and pencils to create masterpieces, Florasis equips you (and gifts you) with its custom-made leather and velvety puff in elegant dark cyan and its fluffy double-sided velvet powder puff to create your own makeup one.

Unthinkable yesterday, essential today: the Flawless Jade Breathable Pressed Powder is just one of another bunch of eight-cult setting powders that will join the Florasis. We, at Florasis understand that your powder should not know any compromise-so night and day-you can wear it faultlessly.

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