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Article: Say Goodbye to Creasing and Shine: Meet Our Lightweight, Extra Breathable Powder for a 24h Flawless Finish

Say Goodbye to Creasing and Shine: Meet Our Lightweight, Extra Breathable Powder for a 24h Flawless Finish
Behind the Product

Say Goodbye to Creasing and Shine: Meet Our Lightweight, Extra Breathable Powder for a 24h Flawless Finish

In the Book of Rites, Confucius likened jade to virtue and purity: powered by smart tech and Chinese Medicine principles, our new Flawless Jade Breathable Setting Powder will take you to new heights of beauty and grace, true to its name.

Choose an impeccable, sweat-free and crease-free look this summer with our new Flawless Jade Breathable Setting Powder: powered by smart light-sensitive tech and equipped with 12h shine control, it will be your ultimate ally for a pristine retouch on the go, all day long.

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In Chinese culture, Jade is considered the luckiest stone. A symbol of luck, prosperity, renewal, and even immortality, the jade stone is as precious as gold —as a matter of fact, even more so! As a Chinese saying goes, “gold is valuable, but jade is priceless,” so it is no surprise that jadeite is thought of as a heavenly emblem of success and luxury, one that Florasis aspired to repurpose in its products.

That's why we modelled our new Breathable Setting Powder after the stone's elegant appearance and smooth texture, to infuse your appearance with grace and give you a flawless jade-like look in one simple quick touch. No matter where you are, at home or on the go.

No matter how hot it might be or what your skin type is. Say goodbye to an uneven finish and a cakey look: we've perfected the ultimate formula with ultra-fine jade nephrite powder for a flawless, soft matte finish, with all day shine control and 24h transfer resistance.

What makes it different?

In our effort to equip every woman with the confidence and grace at the heart of every Florasis product, we've created a new, totally breathable setting powder with an innovative Jade Alchemy formula to give you an even, light, and transparent jade-like look.

Our non-comedogenic solution is perfect for all skin types, from sensitive to oily and acne-prone. We've turned to the power of nature and tradition to develop our most lightweight powder: it contains natural extracts such as organic leaves of blackcurrant and raspberry, as well as white water lily extract following Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, to moisturize and perform antioxidant activities while allowing the skin to breathe all day long.

Our talc-free and fragrance-free formula controls sebum oxidation and ensures a smooth and radiant complexion with our secret ingredient working its magic: Jade Nephrite powder is an exfoliating and healing ingredient extracted from precious jade gemstones, and the heart of the creation of Flawless Jade Breathable Setting Powder. As ancient cultures believed in the stone's healing benefits and passed their tradition on through the centuries, we know Nephrite powder can be used to improve skin elasticity, reduce scar tissue, and thus mask imperfections entirely naturally.

A powerful, science-backed ingredient mix

Flawless Jade Breathable Setting Powder is powered by science and backed by results. Through extensive research, we've managed to combine several different processes in order to obtain our most lightweight powder with 12h shine control and 24h transfer resistance, for a soft matte finish with no creasing and no smudging.

We're letting you in on our beauty secrets…

The science of zircon milling tech: zircon, also known as zirconium silicate, is derived from the mining and processing of ancient mineral sand deposits. Its ultra-fine powder is picked after long hours of milling, subsequently deposited for 100 hours, and finally screened to be as light as air, feel breathable and donate an entirely natural glow.

 The science of multi-shape oil-absorbing particles: the particles used in our formula adapt to the skin in sphericity, plate, and sheet, to achieve the perfect fit. Their design is ideal for oily and sensitive skin types, and they're utilized to obtain a perfect crease-free application in lieu of an uneven, cakey finish.

The science of Arnebia Euchroma: for our lavender (light mist purple) shade, we've used Arnebia Euchroma from Xinjiang. It is a traditional Chinese medicine plant commonly used to treat blood diseases, and as such it is extremely effective in reducing dullness and soothing the skin, particularly in the case of sensitive skin types. We use it to calm any inflammation and restore the skin's natural texture to its radiant, velvet-like state.

The science of smart light-sensitive tech: for our lavender (light mist purple) shade, we've used state of the art skincare technology to combine the powders we've handpicked for this brilliant formula, balancing blue and red light to reflect purple tones and thus adjust the skin tone in the most exquisite way.

How to unlock additional savings

Take advantage of our biggest Summer Sale ever and receive an exclusive gift of $75 in value when you buy our Eastern Venus in Jade set!

As well as the Flawless Jade Breathable Setting Powder, the set includes the multi-functional Floral Engraving Odey Makeup Palette, the Soft Blooming Eyeshadow Brush, the Soft Blooming 5-Piece Brush Set from our Impression of Dai collection, a makeup sponge, makeup remover liquid, and makeup remover wipe, all for $148 instead of $223!

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