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Article: Due to High Demand, We’re Bringing this Best-Seller Back!

the Forest Aura Makeup Palette

Due to High Demand, We’re Bringing this Best-Seller Back!

You asked, and we delivered. On November 5th, we’re exclusively bringing a fan-favorite back: the Forest Aura Makeup Palette from the best-selling Impression of Dai collection will be available once again to purchase at, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Our Impressions of Dai sets contain some of our most elegant, gorgeously decorated and high-functioning products of our entire line, but their significance goes far beyond that. If the kind of joy that is to be found in every day is in the small details, in the tiny delightful acts that make up our most fulfilled hours, then employing one of our Impressions of Dai products is the greatest indulgence of all. Rare jewels waiting to be discovered, each one is perfected with your most elegant, most impressive, and most unforgettable looks in mind.

Impression of Dai
Impressi​on of Dai​

The Forest Aura Makeup Palette is a truly multifunctional offering, for the most refined tastes and the wildest, most colorful makeup looks you can dare yourself to try out. With a wide selection of highlighter, blush, and eyeshadow to choose from, each of the powder shades can be used for a variety of applications and mix together in the most beautiful of ways. The selection of hues is inspired by the exquisite colors found in tropical rainforests and among peacock feathers, with earth tones and bolder jade shades: with greens, reds, pinks, and soft browns combining together to form eye-catching designs, you won’t tire of this palette and the many ways you can wear it anytime soon. The eight colors are all highly pigmented and come in matte, glimmer, and satin finishes, which are all primed for easy blending and silky smooth application thanks to a deeply nourishing formula and its moisturizing effect. 

We enriched these textures with floral and plant essences traditionally used by the Dai people, because the Dai people are no strangers to the power of plants: in keeping with Florasis’ commitment to natural ingredients, non-toxic formulas, and safe products overall, we have mixed modern science with the millenary tradition of cultures before us, such as Dai. In this vein, we’ve decided to use floral essences like Buddleja officinalis and Paris polyphylla to prevent oxidative stress, make the skin feel extra supple and nourished, and keep the gorgeous colors of your makeup look flawlessly in place throughout your day --and night, if you’re wearing them to an evening party!

The palette is marked with exquisitely carved 3D patterns of regal peacocks, as the motif is a cultural emblem in the Dai tradition, and the palette is part and parcel of our exclusively crafted Impressions of Dai collection, an homage to the Dai people. The peacock symbolizes good fortune, beauty, and peace, and is a stunning rainforest staple with its pearlescent, rich, features and its brave, confident look. Here’s our encouragement for anyone using this gorgeous palette: give in to your wild side like a peacock living in boundless riches, be as confident as an evergreen jewel resplendent in its own light ––just like the work of art that we know our customers are. From elegant casing and packaging, to gorgeously engraved powders and lipsticks, the Dai collection is a nod to Eastern tradition as much as it is the epitome of our commitment to creating more than just makeup products, but true jewels waiting to be discovered.

Impression of Dai
Impression of D​​ai

History is filled with examples of the rich tradition of the Dai people, and we wanted to honor their ancient culture in every product we launch to pay homage to their wisdom and character. They constitute one of China’s 55 officially recognized ethnic minorities, with over one million Dai living in China, to be mostly found in the Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture in the extreme south of Yunnan province, where rainforests and rare botanical examples are aplenty and natural beauty is a sight for sore eyes. Dai culture is as vibrant and varied as that of all the animals in the rainforest, with different languages mixing together and different ethnic styles blending. 

The kind of expertise showcased by the Dai people is as rare as it is precious, and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic to present you with sets that are both a stunning homage to a generous heritage, and an example of the diversity that can be found both in gorgeous natural settings, in the animal world, and in the power of beauty. The Dai collection presents an aesthetic and elegant selection of pieces designed to be an iridescent jewel case: because we know how important it is that every customer using Florasis products feels like a diamond, and we want to help you feel like the jewel you are with every step of your makeup routine.


Please bring back this Forest Aura palette! I am in love and will purchase in a heartbeat! Absolutely exquisite

Agatha Rodrigues

I too have only recently found this exceptional makeup and yes I agree please please bring back the Impression of Dai collection. Forest Aura collection.
Thank you

Anne Davison

I hope you could restock the Impressions of Dai again 😢. I’ve been desperately looking for it even on resellers pages, but it’s sold out everywhere. I’d LOVE to have the eyeshadow palette and the setting powder.
I could even wait for 84 years :(

Itzel Trejo

Please bring this back it’s so gorgeous!!!

Madelyne Reyes

AHHHH I’m so late to discovering you, please bring this and other sold out items back<3 <3 <3

Mollie Bryan

Please bring back this palette for us new customers.


Ive been searching everywhere to find this palette! I became so excited to hear this news, that it was coming back, then realized the date of Nov 2022. It must have sold out again. Ugh

Nancy Hunter

Per cortesia rimettete in vendita la tavolozza Forest Aura. Grazie

Giovanna de Palma

Hello you line is just beautiful this will be my first time using your products Would you be able to inform me when this pallet is available. The Forest Aura is back in stock. Thank you will leave a comment once I use your products very excited Thank you Tina Rudman

Tina Rudman

Please can you tell me when you will restock the Rainforest Forest ATA Imoression of Daily palette! I am desperate for a new one to replace my very used up one!

Angel Aura



An exquisite array of colorful, natural earthy tones, that will certainly accentuate everyones given beauty. Thank you for providing products for Women. I look forward to using all the products you have in your presentation. Finally a truly feminine line to add to our beauty and enhancing our personal level of confidence.
Thank You,
Cathy 🙏

Cathy Carraway

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