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Brand Concept
Traditional Cosmetics, Floral Essences

Florasis, Hua Xizi, an innovative makeup brand born by the Lake Xizi (the West Lake) in Hangzhou, China. Florasis explores wisdoms in traditional beauty rituals, inherits the philosophy of Chinese aesthetics and adopts modern technologies in creating our cosmetic products, which features nourishment from flower and natural essences, unity of makeup and skincare, promotion of both inner and outer beauty and excellence of craftsmanship.

Brand Vision
Revive Traditional Aesthetics, Build Centurial Enterprise

Florasis will always hold fast to our original aspiration and the qualities of ingenuity, perseverance and dedication to our customers. We are committed to inherit and promote Chinese traditional culture, and to build a centennial international cosmetic brand. Florasis always measures itself by a higher standard to provide top-quality products and services to her customers.


The brand name is a combination of Flora + Sister,meaning “Goddess of Flowers”.


The logo signifies “Classicism, Stylishness, and Balance”.


Inspired by the Chinese phrase meaning to slightly doll-up.

Six commitments

Commitment to Tradition and Heritage

Building a cosmetic brand with culture and demonstrating style with tradition to create chic and trendy eastern beauty.

Commitment to Genuine R&D

We research unique formulas and integrate a global supply chain to create superior products of high quality.

Commitment to Floral Essence-based Beauty

By using modern technology, we strive to carry forth and craft ancient skincare formulas and incorporate them in our natural cosmetic collections to nourish skin.

Commitment to the Best Customer Experience

We cooperate with product experience officers to explore customers demands and perform comprehensive experience-based tests to continuously improve our products.

Commitment to Five-Star Service

We consistently improve customer-centered experiences across all domains including delivery, products, and services.

Commitment to Social Responsibility

We proudly sponsor activities in disaster relief, poverty assistance, female empowerment, and intangible cultural heritage to create value for society.


Mountains Have Streams As Companion,
Our Cosmetics Have Their Soulmates!

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Du Juan (Jennifer Du)
Ambassador of Florasis

Liu Shishi-Florasis Global Ambassador of Makeup Removers

Liu Shishi (Cecilia Liu)
Florasis Global Ambassador of Makeup Removers

Bai Lu
Celebrity Endorser of Florasis

Co-Create Products With Craftsmanship,
Endue Tradition with Fashion

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Zhu Jiejing
Youth Dancer
Co-creater of Florasis Dance Drama"Leading Phoenix"

Zhou Chunyi
Master of Miniature Carving,
Co-creator of Florasis Carved Lipstick

Du Jufang
Master of Woodcarving
Co-creator of Florasis embossed makeup palette

Xiang Yonglin
Inheritor of Ancient Lock Repairing Techniques
Co-creator of Florasis Love Lock Lipstick

Li Shining
Inheritor of Miao’s Silver Forging Techniques
Co-creator of Florasis Miao Impression Series

Long Taiyang
Inheritor of Miao’s Silver Forging Techniques
Co-creator of Florasis Miao Impression Series

Yu Lianjun
Inheritor of Chinese Ocarina, the Ocarina Performer in Florasis' Theme Song Florasis Beauty