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Article: Unique Mother's Day Gifts For Every Mom

Florasis Unique Mother's Day Gifts For Every Mom

Unique Mother's Day Gifts For Every Mom

Flowers, a spa day, a handmade card, eight hours of uninterrupted sleep—big or small, mom's gift must be something truly memorable this May 14.

Whether they're makeup junkies or beauty minimalists, we've curated a plethora of sets for every type of mom. 

Delight, surprise, and stand out above the rest...these Mother's Day gifts are guaranteed to be mom-approved! 

To the Mom Who Loves a Luxurious Lip

As loving as a kiss on the cheek and just as delightfully soft. The Soft Kisses set is everything mom needs to wake up to a supple, nourished pout. Our delicious scrub and balm heal from the inside out, and our brand-new full-coverage satin lipsticks feel like clouds on your lips. 

Florasis Soft Kisses Set
Florasis ​​Soft Kisses Set

To the Mom Who Adores Gorgeous Craftsmanship

There's art appreciation, then there's falling in love with something so beautiful you can't get it out of your head. If your mom is the artistic type, the Pride and Joy set is the engraved gift of her dreams! A wearable work of art for the eyes and lips, she'll love the story behind the palette and admiring the miniature porcelain makers at work on her lipstick. 

Florasis Pride and Joy Set
Florasis Pride and Joy Set​​

To the Mom Who Deserves Everything

When you're struggling with Mother's Day gift ideas, the Beloved Icons set is the answer. For the mom who doesn't have a favorite anything (or is looking for her holy grail makeup replacements) this stunning engraved set for eyes, lips, and face offers endless creative possibilities.  

Florasis Eastern Beasts Gift Set
Florasis Eastern Beasts Gift Set​​

To the Mom Who Lights up the Room

Naturally lustrous, pearls don't need extra polishing and cutting to shine. In their raw form, they're perfect. Just like mom, this set is tender, loving, and truly precious in its simplicity.    

Florasis Precious Pearls Set
Florasis Precious Pearls Set​​

To the Mom Who Loves to Keep It Minimal

Luxury doesn't have to mean added bells and whistles. The secret to every great look starts with flawless skin. The Ethereal Charm set keeps mom's base weightless and hydrated, then finishes with a touch of nourishing pigment on the lips. A gentle kit to enhance mom's natural charm in a few easy steps. 

Florasis Ethereal Charm Set
Florasis Ethereal Charm Set​​

The Most Personalized Mother's Day Gift

When you run out of mom gift ideas, there's one gift that can't be beaten: personalization! This Mother's Day, gift her an iconic Love Love lipstick engraved with a loving message only you can write. 

Feeling inspired? Check out our Mother's Day gifts (plus complimentary gifts and discounts) and find the gifts that all the moms in your life will cherish.  

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