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Article: Embrace Spring Blooms: Legends of the Spring Flower Goddesses and Inspired Beauty Look

Makeup Tutorial

Embrace Spring Blooms: Legends of the Spring Flower Goddesses and Inspired Beauty Look

The legendary trail of Chinese lore and mythicals that inspired Florasis' creations ascends to a new thrilling height with the launch of 12 Infinite Blossom Longwear Liquid Eyeshadow. One of our most color-ambitious collections yet, the 12 colors of this eyeshadow lineup boast saturation and sparkles of extraordinary magnitude - an exhilarating ensemble for beauty designers to explore and play with striking aesthetics and hue-lavishing fantasies.

We owe the 12 flower goddesses the blessings they have bestowed upon us, be it their inspiring tales, moving beauty, or magical influence, which allows each of our pigments to shine brightly with unique, otherworldly coats.

When looking for inspo for a hyper-imaginative floral look, we urge you to walk with us through the origin stories of the Spring Flower Goddesses, and together, craft our take on the reincarnation of a delicate floral spring deity.


The Plum Blossom Goddess - Princess Shouyang

Princess Shouyang lived in the reigning era of the South Dynasty. Legend has it that once, on the seventh day of the first lunar month, Shouyang fell asleep under the lull of the tender, charming sight of plum trees in bloom. While in her slumber, a plum blossom flew to caress her face and landed on her forehead, leaving a crimson trace of five petals.

When Shouyang awoke, her elegant beauty became even more charming. This peculiar occurrence was whispered as a sign of her being the incarnation of the plum blossom spirit, and that her newfound radiant beauty was a goddess transforming into her true self. Since then, and made official after her death, Princess Shouyang has been remembered and worshiped by her people as the Plum Blossom Goddess.

The Infinite Blossom Longwear Liquid Eyeshadow in Petal - a matte pink color - was created in honor of this mysterious tale.

The Plum Blossom Goddess
The Plum Blossom Goddess 

The Apricot Blossom Goddess - Yang Guifei

Yang Guifei was one of the Four Great Beauties of China. It is said her beauty, allure, and wit were so irresistible that the Xuanzong emperor was completely entranced, and spent endless days with his concubine instead of royal duties.

His negligence later sparked the Anshi Rebellion and initiated a period of mayhem and chaos. Enraged by the disastrous time, the emperor's court members and soldiers forced him to sentence Yang Guifei to death due to her influence on the current event. Yang Guifei's life ended soon after, as the emperor's trope wished.

After the rebellion was quelled, the emperor, filled with remorse, sought out Yang Guifei's grave to give her a more honorable burial. However, all that remained of her was a bed of white apricot flowers.

Determined to find her, the emperor ordered a Taoist priest to embark on a spiritual quest to locate Yang Guifei's soul in the realm of spirits. She was found on the fairy mountain, granted by heaven as the Apricot Blossom Goddess.

The shade Honeydew - a lime green matte was named after the sweet affection the emperor had for Yang Guifei and the young sprouts of hope and vitality that follow the spring awakening of the apricot blossoms.

The Apricot Blossom Goddess
The Apricot Blossom Goddess

The Peach Blossom Goddess - Xi Gui

Lady Xi's fate, which led to her being honored as the Peach Blossom Goddess, began in the Spring and Autumn period of ancient China. She was wed to Marquis Xi, whom she loved dearly and deeply. Their happy marriage was torn apart by King Chu Wen's power coup. While Marquis Xi's status was reduced to a common guard at the capital's gate, Lady Xi was taken to become King Chu's wife.

Unable to accept their tragic fate of being dishonored and apart, Lady Xi and her first husband decided to break away from their current life, and pursue their happiness together in heaven. It was March when they left the mortal world, the peak season of peach blossoms. So in memory of their love story and Lady Xi's precious virtue of loyalty to her dear husband, the people of Chu built for Lady Xi a temple and titled her the Peach Blossom Goddess.

Inspired by her gem-like heart, our white glitter with minty green pearl (the Aurora shade) was created.

  The Peach Blossom Goddess - Xi Gui
The Peach Blossom Goddess 


Like each seasonal flower diligently moves to meet its blooming time, building strength and beauty with dews, breezes, and the remnants of preceding months, our nominated makeup for spring (Spring Blooms) celebrates this flow of nature. The look features peach blossom details drawn with colors inspired by the flowers leading up to the peach flowering - our very own vision of a spring flower goddess. 

To begin, we recommend having a flexible, small-tip brush to help achieve the look's required precision.

Step 1: Depict the peach blossom petals

Use the pink matte shade (Petal) to draw peach blossom details near your temples with a precision brush. Imagine drawing 2 relaxed curves facing each other as a blossom, and make three pairs. 

Step 2: Dress your eyes

With the same pink, line your eyetail. The residue from the brush goes on 2/3 of your lower lash.

Step 3: Fashion them bolder

Replicate step 2 with the lime green color (Honeydew) on the corner of the eye. This time, with more spread-out blending to create a leaf-like detail.

Step 4: Finish the look with a radiant flair

Create the peach blossom pistils by connecting the blossoms to your eyes with silver lines of Aurora glitters. Adorn a touch of Aurora on your eyelids to bring a tantalizing sheen to this design. 

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