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Article: A Beauty Guide to Cheongsam Poise (And Spring Sale Bulletin)


A Beauty Guide to Cheongsam Poise (And Spring Sale Bulletin)

In the realm of traditional Chinese garments, few pieces possess the transcendent cultural status like the cheongsam. Entrenched in street photography, elite affairs, runways, and films across the globe, threading through history and modern times, cheongsam is not confined by time and space. Hence, the ideal occasion to wear a cheongsam is only determined by one's desire to embrace this cultural legacy and its beauty.

A reflection of sophistication and refined taste, the cheongsam brings forth a sense of awe wherever it appears, illuminating the grace of those who don it. And with the right makeup, the elegant ensemble becomes exquisite.

Read on as we guide you through the culture of the cheongsam, and the makeup that most beautifully complements your charms in this garment for an absolute divine look. Plus, news on our Spring Sale to get these looks with sweet deals.


When referring to cheongsam (長衫), the Mandarin-speaking community will translate it to qípáo (旗袍). Used interchangeably, these names describe the traditional Chinese dress with a long, figure-hugging silhouette, a standing collar, and side slits. This is the classic, textbook form of cheongsam; in today's world, cheongsam has a vast range of modifications, varying from cut to gender preference, material, and motif.

On the other hand, cheongsam's requirements for craftsmanship have remained unchanged, as the dress's smooth form can only be achieved through traditionally trained tailoring.

The first stitch of the cheongsam dates back to the Qing Dynasty (1616-1912), when the Manchu people ruled China. The form was much looser and more conservative, with multiple layers and extended coverage on the arms and legs. It wasn't until the Republic of China during the 1920s, when the movement for women's rights surged, that the cheongsam's odyssey flourished.

Women wore men's cheongsam as a statement of gender equality. Then, they slowly altered the cuts to their liking, reclaiming individuality and bodily autonomy from the very garment that had bound them. Since then, the cheongsam has undergone many more transformations in response to contemporary changes. Still, it stands as an emblem of women's liberation and strength.

Celebrated for its noble symbolism and exceptional beauty, the cheongsam has emerged as one of the most treasured jewels of the Chinese cultural sphere.


In the Mood for Romance With Sleeveless Black Cheongsam

A sleeveless cheongsam in black is a striking dress, epitomizing femininity and sensuality. This dress calls for the embellishment of oceanic pearl jewelry to harmonize the fiery tension of the garment, tying the outfit with an air of mystery and elegance.

Red lips are non-negotiatable when it comes to black fits, and we can't think of a more delicious shade to pair with the black cheongsam than the Blooming Rouge Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Persimmon. To set a canvas for these ornamented lips, the pristine veil of the Floral Essences Balancing Fitting Foundation is the ideal choice to bring the look together.

In the Mood for Effortless Elegance With Black Cheongsam

The traditional black cheongsam is a classic, but by no means ordinary. Its beauty speaks only to those who appreciate understated grace. It doesn't need much but silver earrings to accentuate the wisdom-full charms of the dress.

To balance the fit with a youthful breath, the vibrant hues of Floral Engraving Phoenix Makeup Palette are the perfect companions for the black cheongsam.

In the Mood for Freshness With Light Green Cheongsam

The color light green has healing magic; whenever it graces, it soothes the tiredness of the soul and rekindles the appetite for life. A light green cheongsam is especially befitting to flaunt on spring days.

Long-lasting as the spring's sunny hours is the Yurong Light Veil Smooth SPF 50 Primer - Sun Protection. As you take your cheongsam out for the day, the primer dresses you in a second-skin veil that protects you from the sun while keeping the base fresh all day. Together with the eye embellishments from Floral Engraving Beauty Goddess Makeup Palette, you'll have yourself the enchanted look of a spring fairy.

In the Mood for Modern Flair With Green Shanghai Cheongsam

Known as the blooming land of the cheongsam during the Republic of China, the cheongsams from Shanghai City are living legends. Undeniably vintage, yet unapologetically modern, the Shanghai cheongsam is distinguished by a myriad of creative cuts and styles, yet, retains the nostalgia of the past by preserving the standard silhouette.

The perfect accessory for the dress? Our Flawless Jade Breathable Pressed Powder. A beautiful powder that doubles as a fashion ornament, this innovative beauty product embraces the quintessentials of Shanghai's creativity. Infused with real jade nephrite powder, this pearlescent compact keeps you shine-free and radiant all day. The missing piece to this seemingly flawless item is no other than the Blooming Rouge Porcelain Lipstick. Our favorite shades to go with a green qípáo are Persimon Red and Peach Petals.

In the Mood for Noble Presence With White Cheongsam

When dressed in white cheongsam, the immaculate condition of the tailored garment itself speaks volumes without you having to utter a sound. It's the very embodiment of quiet luxury and nobility.

For such a statement piece, subtlety in jewelry and makeup is needed to unify the ensemble. Pearl jewelry and the muted blend of the Floral Engraving Phoenix Makeup Palette in Retro Brown shall suffice for a look of modest grandeur.

In the Mood for Delicate Grace With Light Pink Cheongsam

This look of light pink cheongsam illuminating behind the curtain of snow honors those with dreams of snow goddesses and whimsical beauties. The secret to this snow fairy-esque look lies in the adornment of soft matte lips in the delicate shades of Smoky Berries and Rosewood from our Blooming Rouge Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick collection.

To prep a plush bed for these seamless lips, our Ginseng Care Lip Balm will help you smooth out any ridges and crustiness, transforming your lips into luscious pouts.

In the Mood for Spring Spirit With Pastel Cheongsam

Unlike its deeper tone counterparts, the pastel cheongsam holds a certain appeal of lightness and glee. A special hue for those preferring a gentler approach to spring palette.

As the spring breeze teases the hem of your cheongsam, greet it with the beaming smile of your Blooming Rouge lips, embracing the playfulness of the season. To complete this fresh spring look, tint your cheeks with the flush of Peony Dream Cream Blush for a touch of floral sweetness.

In the Mood for Seasoned Allure With Navy Blue Cheongsam

The beauty of maturity comes with layers of self-assurance, wisdom, and sophisticated individuality. Grandmoms, mothers, sisters, and aunts, their unique magnetism can only be crafted by time, understood and appreciated fully by those with polished taste.

The cheongsam for them is one with cultivated artistry. An open-back navy cheongsam flowing with discreteness and sultriness is the ideal offering you can gift to the seasoned women of your life. Match this elegant couture with a chic set of Eastern Beasts Sculpting Makeup Palette, and the Blooming Rouge Love Lock Lipstick in shade M520 (I love you) to convey the whole depths of your sentiment.

In the Mood for Spring Splurge

Immerse yourself in Florasis' realm of Chengsam beauty with our Spring Sale. Enjoy up to 23.5% (member's) discounts on the mentioned products, gift set deals, exclusive gifts for $60+ purchases, and buy-more-for-less deals on our sought-after Eye Shadow Sticks.

Offers end on April 11. Time is closing in as you read, so shop now!

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