Yurong Camellia Care Primer

01 Hydrating

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REGISTRATION NAME: Camellia Japonica Nourishing Primer

Yurong Camellia Care Primer

Silky Finish & Hydrating

$39.00 USD
Shade: 01 Hydrating

Hydrating with shimmering finish: moisturizing and dewy, for dry and dry-combination skins

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Yurong Camellia Care Primer

01 Hydrating

Flawless Jade Breathable Setting Powder

03 Mist

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Oil-controlling, hydrating, and brightening options for your specific needs.

1. Perfect to Pair with Foundation: The product helps improve your skin condition whether it is dry, oily, dull, or uneven. This makes it easy to apply foundation afterward.

2. Three Options: 01 Hydrating (Hydrating type -Shimmering) is tailored for dry skin. It lays down a smooth base to stop the foundation from caking. 02 Cleaning (Oil-Controlling type -Matte) is tailored for oily skin to create a refreshed foundation that lasts throughout the day. 03 Brightening (Brightening type -Semi-matte) is crafted for a brighter skin tone and greater transparency.

3. Gentle Nourishment: The formula is enriched with camellia, Chinese ground orchid, and atractylodes to maintain skin moisture and brighten your complexion.

4. Instructions: Use after your skincare routine. You may apply it before foundation or mix it with foundation in a 1:1 ratio.

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