Eyebrow Trimmer

$11.00 USD

$11.00 USD
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Beginner-friendly foldable eyebrow trimmer to easily create delicate eyebrow shapes.

1. Beginner-friendly: The trimmer is crafted with a micro steel safety cover for easy and safe use without scratches.

2. Foldable Design: Easy to clean and store, the smart design avoids accidental cuts and lets you take this tool wherever you go.

3. Slip-resistant Handle: The handle uses durable AB resin with curved lines for a comfortable grip and ease of operation.

4. Three Eyebrow Stencils: We provide you with three reusable eyebrow stencils made of semi-transparent materials to help you craft different eyebrow shapes.

Step 1. Soften the skin around your eyebrows with moisturizer
Step 2. Outline the eyebrow shape with one of the eyebrow stencils
Step 3. Trim your eyebrows with gentle motions
Step 4. Trim more where necessary and remove stray hairs

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