Eastern Romance Eyeshadow Palette (Pearl Edition)

Bride in Sunrise

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Eastern Romance Eyeshadow Palette (Pearl Edition)

Delicate Textures, Smooth & Ultra-Fine Powder

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Shade: Bride in Sunrise

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Eastern Romance Eyeshadow Palette (Pearl Edition)

Bride in Sunrise

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Elegant oriental shades in one portable palette, soft and refined feel.

1. Three delicate textures in one portable palette: Matte (soft, easy to blend, not falling out), shimmer (elegant shade, easy to apply without being messy), glimmer (ultra-fine powder for smooth application).

2. Elegant shades with fine powder: Elegant oriental shades, inspired by the scenery of sunrise and moonlight. Liquid-to-powder tech, refined and pigmented for easy application without falling out.

3. Eye skin nourishing: Inspired by the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, the formula is enriched with peony and calendula extracts along with pearl powder, for eye skin nourishing.

4. Customized fashion accessory: A long bracelet designed by SUSAN FANG, decorated with her iconic elements of beads and knits. Attached to the case of eyeshadow palette, it could be a fashionable accessory for dressing up.

Shade Description:
Bride in Sunrise: 
Prelude: Peachy Beige (Satin)
Sunrise: Coral Pink (Matte)
Shine: Dazzling White (Shimmer)
Hope: Sparkly Copper Brown (Glimmer)

Mermaid in Moonlight:
Lullaby: Light Pink (Matte)
Moonlight: Dazzling Violet (Shimmer)
Mist: Cool Pink (Matte)
Illusion: Violet (Matte)

*Notice: The bead of the necklace is made of imitation pearl.

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