Dim Sum Blend-All Makeup Sponge

$29.00 USD


Dim Sum Blend-All Makeup Sponge

Dim Sum Shapes, Soft, Elastic

$29.00 USD

Inspired by traditional Chinese Dim Sum, these sponges can meet all of your makeup application needs.

1. Dim Sum Inspiration: This set caters to various makeup application needs, taking its inspiration from traditional Chinese Dim Sum or small appetizers: rice dumplings, victory cake, and shumai.

2. Flexible Material: We create our products from durable material for a soft and comfortable touch to go with the seamless finish.

3. Densely-packed Pores: Our products do not hold much residual makeup so your favorite foundation will last longer.

4. Even and Clear Finish: This sponge applicator grows when it gets wet. This larger size makes it easy to apply foundation with a seamless and airbrushed finish.

5. Maintenance: Clean once or twice a week. Use a new sponge every 30 days.

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Shumai beauty sponge: This sponge is designed for more liquid foundation products, such as the cushion compact foundation.
Rice dumpling beauty sponge: This sponge can be used with any foundation product. It can give you a unique look when used to apply blush, bronzer, or highlighter.
Victory cake beauty sponge: This sponge is crafted to provide better coverage with cream foundation.

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