Blooming Rouge Engraved Lipstick

M115 Imperial Palace

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REGISTRATION NAME: Flowers Galaxie Lipstick

Blooming Rouge Engraved Lipstick

Soft Matte Finish, Hydrating

$29.00 USD
Shade: M115 Imperial Palace

Scarlet, cool, mature, and charming

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Exquisite engravings for a soft matte finish.

1. Exquisite Engravings: The lipstick features delicate engravings of dragon, phoenix, azalea, and peony patterns which carry auspicious meanings in the Chinese culture. More than a lipstick, it is a work of Eastern engraving.

2. Silky Texture: With moisturizing ingredients, the lipstick slides on like butter for a semi-matte, non-drying finish.

3. Moisturizing Recipe: The formula is enriched with sunflower seed oil, damask rose flower water, ginseng root, and other moisturizing ingredients to leave a soft and moist feel on your lips.

4. Multiple Color Options: The lipstick offers a wide range of colors giving you the perfect choice for work, a date, a party, or any other occasion.

*Shades of lipsticks may vary due to a number of factors including but not limited to monitor resolution settings, lighting & skin tone, etc._

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