The Beauty of Chinese-Style Makeup

The beauty of Chinese-style makeup is evident throughout the history of any dynasty. Florasis has carefully studied the evolution of traditional makeup, combining modern esthetics and Eastern characteristics, to launch a basic paradigm that acheives an Eastern look. Slender eyebrows, Under-eye makeup,  Cherry lips. 

Not only does it maximize the original beauty of the Eastern people, but it also embodies an independent, elegant, and confident attitude. This is our exploration into the "techniques" of Chinese-style makeup, only when the "meaning" is given, can "techniques" stand. We appreciate China through "makeup" integrating cultural traditions into the makeup while proactive domestic makeup enthusiasts contribute creativity.

Our national makeup culture has also drawn attention from overseas. The vitality of makeup culture lies in co-creation. Florasis sincerely invites experts and scholars to study Chinese-style makeup together with makeup enthusiasts.

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