The Arched Evolution Of The Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Define Pencil

Uncover the history behind our iconic eyebrow pencil.

There is no doubt that a beautifully sculpted eyebrow can make a difference in the way you look. Whether you prefer them sleek, fluffy, or defined, your brows require special attention.

Since Florasis launched in 2017, we've been obsessed with developing the quintessential eyebrow pencil. Our inspiration? You. That's right—you asked, we listened.

Thanks to our complete adherence to genuine R&D and commitment to high craftsmanship standards, we've been able to deliver products that reflect back to our customers' wishes.

High Brow Performance. The evolution of the Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Pencil.

If you're wondering how a make-up product has been able to deliver such standout results over the years, you're not alone. You've seen many iterations of the Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Pencil—a total of 8 different pencils, to be precise. Whether you're an arch newbie or brow master, discover the evolution of the Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Pencil.

The 1.0: A Can't-Live-Without-Make-up Essential 

The 1.0. Florasis’ first ever eyebrow pencil.   

Aligned with popular trends in the beauty industry at the time, the 2017 launch of the 1.0 Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Pencil came equipped with a lead core on one end and a built-in, dry spoolie brush on the other end to both groom and fill in the eyebrows. The large, angled tip was suitable for drawing natural matte eyebrows.

Just a year after launching, the trailblazing Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Pencil sold 20M units in China alone, instantly becoming an icon product of the Florasis family.

The 2.0: The Fine Line

The 2.0 Eyebrow Pencil. A thinner body and smaller tip offered a comfortable grip and a variety of possibilities.  

After successfully introducing the first Florasis dual-ended brow pencil to our community, we thought of ways we could revamp its presentation to offer the possibility of drawing different eyebrows that were suitable for all faces.

The 2.0 Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Pencil debuted in February of 2019. This versatile pencil featured a thinner body for a comfortable grip and a smaller tip for precise application.

The 3.0: Fake It ‘Till You Make It

The 3.0. Third time’s the charm.

The third iteration of the Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Pencil catered to skillful make-up wearers who seeked natural feathery brows. While we recognized the assets of our product, we refurbished it further to help achieve a bold yet subtle brow design.

We released the winning result in April 2019, which featured a slimmer lead and a round-tipped lead to create hair-like strokes and fill in sparse areas.

The 4.0: Eco-conscious Clean Beauty

The 4.0 Refillable Eyebrow Pencil. A proactive and forward-thinking approach to sustainability. 

Beauty and eco-consciousness came together for the launch of the 4.0 Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Pencil in June of 2019.

Many rounds of clinical R&D trials later, the fourth iteration of the Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Pencil brought customers a finer, angled tip. A proponent of super-precision, this brow pencil was suitable for everyone but consciously designed to help take thin arches to their full potential.

Additionally, this pencil perfectly harmonized eco-responsibility and high-performing beauty. Committed to craftsmanship excellence, this brow pencil steadily transitioned to a beautiful refillable packaging.

Attune with Florasis' forward-thinking approach to sustainability, the complimentary refill saved the cartridge from becoming landfill waste.

The 5.0: Salon-quality Brow Shaping

The Fine Line. The Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Define Pencil in its fourth iteration.

Taking the Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Pencil to the next level required revolutionary technology. We developed a unique 3D hexagonal tip in order to glide along the natural facial bone structure.

In addition, we designed a smaller, multifunctional machete pencil that offered a myriad of creative possibilities. This launch was set in full motion by February 2020.

The 6.0: Blooming Inspiration In Beauty

Inspiration Moves Us. The beauty of our surroundings gave pencil 6.0 its iconic look.

We redesigned our iconic eyebrow pencil for the sixth time as we wanted a product that spoke of China's perennial beauty. Its debut in June 2020 coincided with the beginning of Florasis’ newfound authority in the international beauty market. 

The custom metal body of the Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Define Pencil borrowed the shape of a small lotus flower in the of the pencil. With just the right weight, the metal packaging provided stability and a more comfortable grip.

The 7.0: The Art Of The Perfect Brow

The 7.0 Eyebrow Powder Pencil. For a fuller, thicker-looking brow.

For the seventh iteration of the Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Pencil, we took upon the challenge to create a product that combined the gliding characteristics of pencils and the natural finish of powders.

The Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Define Powder Pencil first rolled out in September 2020. Housed within an easy-to-use pencil, the oil-free 75% powder formula delivered a velvety, silky finish.

The 8.0: Natural Definition And Easy Results

The 8.0 Eyebrow Pencil. The stealth-defining pencil for make-up pros.

Keeping up with top industry trends, we introduced an eighth design of our beloved eyebrow pencil in the beginning of 2021.

We developed the Luozidai Ultra Slim Eyebrow Pencil with a 0.9mm ultra-fine tip to carefully render a refined eyebrow. Ideal for those with more advanced makeup skills.

Today, the Florasis Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Pencil family is complete with the ethnic series: Luo Zi Dai Floral Eyebrow Define Powder Pencil (Impression of Miao) (launched in October 2020) and Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Define Powder Pencil (Impression of Dai) (launched in October 2021).

The Future Of The Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Define Pencil

The art of the perfect brow is all in the sum of its details. At Florasis, it's our philosophy and commitment to bring you the perfect balance of luxury and pure sensory delight. We're eager to continue perfecting the Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Pencil and exploring together with our customers more ways to achieve the perfect brow.

Now that you've mastered the art of brow-shaping with Florasis, what does the future for the Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Define Pencil look like to you?

Tell us what would you keep, take, or upgrade to take your eyebrows to the next level in the comments below.


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