Flower Dew Steam Extract Ancient Method

Florasis continues to indulge in its ancient's beauty past to expand our horizons via striking products assembled luxuriously and exclusively with a hint of Chinese's history prominence.

Based on the Southern Song Dynasty's famous book Zhu Fan Zhi, ancient people would use flowers with dew as raw material and distill them through an ancient recipe to obtain "Flower Dew". The fragrance was long-lasting and fragrant and was often used in women's trousseau to maintain their hair, mix makeup powder, and-to remove makeup.

Our Floral Dew Care Makeup Remover Wipes (Face+ Eyes & Lips) individually wrapped wipes boast a game-changing ability to seemingly melt off your foundation, mascara, liner, and in one compostable cloth, no violent rubbing required. What's left is a layer of hydration so soothing it renders further moisturizing unnecessary. Bring a bit of history magic into makeup beauty stack.


Camellia Japonica
A flowering tree or shrub, the leaves of this species are rich in anti-inflammatory terpenoids such as lupeol and squalene.

Lonicera Japonica
A twining vine able to climb up to 10 m (33 ft) high or more in trees. The dried leaves and flowers (Flos Lonicerae Japonicae) are employed in traditional Chinese medicine, being used to treat fever, cold-related headache, cough, thirst, certain inflammation including sore throat, skin infection, and tumor necrosis.

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Floral Dew Care Makeup Remover Wipes (Face+ Eyes & Lips)

Floral Dew Care Makeup Remover Wipes

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